Asian Paper exhibition in Asia on June 1-3, 2016

Exhibition began in 1992, is the only pan-asian and largest pulp and paper professional exhibition, covering the area each link, the pulp and paper industry for pulp and paper manufacturers, water ring vacuum pump in the papermaking industry to a very important role, created with the world’s top paper machinery, equipment, raw materials and service providers to meet to negotiate the best platform, dominated the trend of the development of pulp and paper industry in the region.

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Since 2015, Asia paper exhibition single years in Jakarta, Indonesia, double years held in Bangkok, Thailand.
Asia 2016 paper exhibition, exhibition range will be expanded to corrugated paper, packaging, printing section!
2016 paper exhibition in Asia for the first time and Asean Sustainable Energy Week held (new Energy exhibition) players, to the exhibition of more than 25000 professional buyers for Asia in 2016 paper exhibition brings more business opportunities!
Pulp and paper industry association, association of cooperation: Thailand (TPPIA), Asian industrial technology association (AIT), pulp and paper producers of paper association of Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea association of pulp and paper, paper cooperatives, Indonesia papermaking association of India

Please see annex 2016 Asian paper exhibition information, for your reference.
1. 2016 Asian paper exhibition brochures
2. 2016  participation contract
3. 2016 latest booth floor plan

Exhibits range

Paper products, specialty paper, writing paper and printing paper, newsprint paper, cardboard, corrugated paper, packing paper, tissue paper and cotton paper, handmade paper and products, etc
Machine: set of paper machine, paper machine, including liquid ring vacuum pump, the paper mill modernized machine, cutting machine, packaging machine, toilet paper machine, machine, printing machine

Raw material: papermaking chemicals, minerals and dye, the pulp and fiber, paper, etc.

Equipment and accessories: automated test equipment, bearings and accessories, boiler and turbine, chemical recycling equipment and equipment, deinking recycled technology, molecular dehydration machine, environmental protection projects, industrial gear machine, cutter, blade and support, the pump and system, rolling machine, paper machine net blanket, pollution control, sewage treatment equipment, printers, quality control equipment, raw material processing machine, testing equipment, grinding equipment, paper processing machinery and equipment, etc.

The booth fee

Option one:
Clearing: $500 yuan/per square meter (36 square meters to count)

Option two :
Standard booth: $573 yuan/square meters (9 square meters to count)
Expenses include: booth coaming, lintel board bearing the company, lighting, power supply, carpet, consulting tables, folding chairs, trash bin

Show time: June 1-3, 2016
The exhibition location: BITEC international exhibition center in Bangkok, Thailand

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