2015 Jilin (Changchun) Seventeenth International Environmental and Water Valve & Pipe Trade Show

Show Time: 2015-04-10 to 2015-04-12

Venue Address: Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Centre

Sponsor: Changchun Vader Exhibition Services Ltd.

Changchun in northeast held annual “Evergreen Environmental Protection and Water Treatment Technology and Equipment Exhibition pipeline valve” was founded in 1999, to 2015 has sixteen years of history, after 16 years of carefully orchestrated, “Changchun Water Exhibition “has become the industry recognized brand water exhibition, renowned in the Northeast,” Northeast water Show “is not only to attract exhibitors and visitors various regions of the country, but also to become merchants neighbors Japan, South Korea and other important communication platform.

Scope of Exhibits
▼ Water Supply and Drainage: constant pressure water supply related to tanks, vessels, pumps(EVP supply different kinds of vacuum pumps), valves and fittings, all kinds of fans, press, dryer, fittings and hoses, pipe / manhole covers, pipe laying, pipe inspection, pipe rectification, lift equipment, as well as new materials, new technologies and new products related to water supply systems, etc.
▼ Water: industrial wastewater treatment, water supply and drainage fittings(2BE1 series liquid ring vacuum pump can be used tp the large of water drainage), rural drinking water, agricultural water equipment, accessories, chemical and physical water treatment, biological treatment, dosing devices, scrapers and sludge thickener, sludge and residue treatment, pain desalination, desalination, desalination, purification of domestic water softening, water treatment equipment and disinfection tour, ultraviolet disinfection and ozone disinfection, water filters, multiple filter, filter, filter, filter tank, ceramic filter carbon core, filter and so on.
▼ drinking water equipment: domestic / commercial water machine, water dispenser, drink straight, pipeline / pipeline water dispenser, water softening, central water purifiers, ultra-pure water / EDI equipment, water purification filter, water purification equipment, RO water quality processor, anti-fathom water purifier, industrial water purification machines, barrels / bottled variety of mineral water, drinking water and related accessories and materials
▼ membrane and membrane: membrane materials and auxiliary equipment, membrane separation equipment complete sets of equipment, film-related technologies, RO membranes, reverse shell penetrated the glass membrane, RO membrane shell, fine filters etc
▼ Automatic Water Environment Monitoring System: Water quality analysis equipment, environmental monitoring equipment, flue gas monitoring, pollution monitoring, atmospheric monitoring equipment, a variety of flow instrumentation, valves, automatic control technology equipment and software development
▼ Instruments and Automation Systems: Process control equipment, measurement equipment, hot and cold water meter, IC card water meter, IC card prepaid energy meter, gas meter, digital meter, single-phase, three-phase, water and pipeline valves, instrumentation, intelligent instrumentation, computer simulation systems, data logging, management, etc.


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