2015 Fifteenth Dalian International Drainage, Water Treatment cum Valves Pipeline Exhibition

Show Time: 2015-05-14 to 2015-05-16

Venue Address: Dalian Xinghai Convention & Exhibition Center

Sponsor: Dalian China Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Market background
In recent years, Dalian urgent need to resolve the contradiction between water supply and demand. And information on the current demand, more and more enterprises continue to renovation, expansion and some new water treatment, water use and development of water conservancy projects, water use, water reuse, water conservation facilities, such as being the total length of 222.17 km of the building, “lead into even bigger project,” Dalian stage will ease water shortages, focusing on protection of Dalian Changxing shipbuilding industry and the petrochemical industry and the smooth development of the pine Island Chemical Park; the same time, with a new train station in Dalian, Stadium construction and Dalian Metro subway construction, resulting in a rapid increase in the amount of sewage, sewage capacity to meet the growing needs of the investment into more than 30 municipal sewage treatment plant. In addition, the new new industrial projects, the government requires its effluent to be unified management, treatment for secondary use; but also further impetus for pumps, valves, pipes, fittings and water demand for industrial products, equipment increases, so the formation of a broad water industrial markets.


Water treatment technology and equipment exhibition:

1. Sewage treatment equipment: mixer, scraping mud, decontamination machine, steam floating equipment, grit removal machines, suction machines, oil and water separation equipment, centrifuges, filter, concentrate, blowers, aerators;

2. (home, office, commercial, industrial) water purifiers, water purifier, water softener, water purification equipment, beverage equipment;

3. The water reuse facilities, water and wastewater resources applied technology and equipment, water purification technology and equipment, corrosion and other equipment;

4. Water protection technology, membrane separation technology and equipment engineering, water quality, water testing, analysis, monitoring instruments and equipment;

5. Central air conditioning water treatment, boiler softened water, boiler feed water technology and equipment;

6. The water treatment system of automatic control technology and equipment and water treatment chemicals, steel, glass, filter barrels, dosing tube ,box;

Pipes, valves, pumps exhibition:

1. Pipeline: a variety of metals and non-metallic pipes, fittings, tubing, seals, pipe fittings, pipe cleaning equipment;

2. pumps: centrifugal pumps, metering pumps, chemical pumps, process pumps, sewage pumps, vortex pumps, self-priming, multi-stage pumps,vacuum pumps, oil pumps, fire pumps, for heat pumps, pneumatic pumps, pulp pumps, air conditioning pumps, liquid pumps, magnetic pumps, gear pumps, vane pumps, drives and seals;

3. valves: butterfly, gate, globe valves, check valves,vacuum valves,ball valves, solenoid valves, control valves, safety valves, lock valve, drain valve, piston valve, throttle valve, steam traps, valves, minimum flow valves and other valves;


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