2015 The 11th China (Beijing) Heat Treatment Exhibition

Organizing national: China
Exhibitors Date: 2015-9-8 ~ 2015-9-10
Deadline: 2015-8-15
Exhibitors to (Hall): China International Exhibition Center (New Hall)
Organizer: Beijing Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Power and Industrial Furnace Branch Furnace Association, Beijing Hai Wen Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Sponsor: Beijing Hai Wen Exhibition Co., Ltd.

▼ various heat treatment furnace: atmosphere furnace, carburizing furnaces, gas nitriding furnaces, austempering furnace, aluminum solid solution aging furnace, furnace brazing, bonding furnace, drying furnace; vacuum furnace (vacuum high pressure gas quenching furnace, vacuum carburizing furnace, low vacuum gas quenching furnace, vacuum hydrogen furnace, vacuum oil / water quenching furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, vacuum back to the stove), box-type furnace, pusher furnaces, rotary hearth furnace, roller furnace, net bag furnace, bell furnace, car heaters, chain furnace, bottom loading furnace, salt bath furnace, fluidized bed furnace, gas stove, oven stepping earthquake hearth furnace, pit furnace (furnace,, nitriding furnace), periodic furnace, continuous furnace, heat treatment equipment, ion nitriding;
▼ heat treatment production line: annealing, normalizing, quenching, tempering, induction heat treatment, chemical treatment, Ion plating production line;
▼ process control instrumentation, mechatronics control technology, intelligent information management technology: a variety of process control software, thermocouples, temperature control device, atmosphere control instrumentation, flowmeters, sensors (oxygen probe, hydrogen probe), infrared thermometer devices;
▼ heat treatment quality control, product testing instruments: as hardness, metallographic sample preparation devices, optical (electron) microscope, ultrasonic detection devices, materials testing machines, X- ray diffraction, chemical analyzers, measuring instrument, such as cooling rate;
▼ heat auxiliary equipment: heating power, washing machine, shot peening equipment, straightening machines, material transport equipment, cryogenic equipment, vacuum – cooling – quenching pressure bed;
▼ Heat Treatment Materials: various quenching medium, penetration enhancers (seepage agent), paints, cleaning agents, anti-rust agent;
▼ heating elements, furnace building materials, refractory materials, heat insulation material: electric wire, graphite materials, radiant tube burner, silicon molybdenum rods, refractory bricks, refractory fiber, heat-resistant steel;
▼ atmosphere heat treatment process, industrial gases and their preparation – atmosphere generators;
▼ heat treatment equipment supporting components: a material, lining, muffle tank, conveyor belt, belt, fans, vacuum pumps(rotary vane vacuum pump,KT oil diffusion pump,piston vacuum pump,etc), transformers, heat exchangers, etc.;
▼ surface treatment and surface modification technology and equipment: vacuum coating,high-energy beam heating, physical vapor deposition, chemical vapor deposition, hot galvanizing, electroplating, and other micro-arc oxidation;
▼ heat-related safety, energy saving, environmental protection technology and equipment;
▼ heat treatment processing services, technology development, traders, related consulting and information services.

Contact Information
Contact: Qin Korea
Company Name: Beijing Hai Wen Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Country: China
City: Beijing
Contact Address: Shijingshan Road, Shijingshan District Hospital B 18 Wanda Plaza, Block C, 1709
Telephone: 010-68604191
E-mail: qinli1027@163.com

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