Show Time: October 6, 2015 -8
Venue: Sao Paulo, Brazil Immigration and Exhibition Centre
Info: 2015 Brazil International Exhibition of pipe and valve (TUBOTECH 2015) will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 6-8 October 2015. Held since 2001, every two years, there has been a 12-year history, the exhibition is South America’s largest, most professional pipe, piping, valves and pump exhibition. The exhibition since 2004 has been the strong support of the International Tube Association. According to the organizers statistics show that in 2013 there were nearly 800 exhibiting companies, exhibition area of nearly 30,000 square meters, professional audience of more than 18,000 people. Exhibitors from Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, France, Britain, Austria, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, India, South Korea and other 20 countries, a total of 139 Chinese companies participated in the exhibition. Visitors mainly from Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, the United States, Canada and other countries, petroleum, chemical, water treatment industry, power related industries. The exhibition will display the latest products and services related to pipes, pipe manufacturing equipment, raw materials, measurement and control technology and technology tools, second-hand machinery and test equipment. The exhibition with large-scale, professional and strong, wide coverage, influential and celebrated, is the world’s largest pipe and wire industry and influential industry event

Various pumps:
Centrifugal pump (boiler feed pumps, heat pumps, hot water pumps, condensate pumps, drain pump); chemical pumps, corrosion resistant pumps; Petrochemical Process Pump (process pumps, centrifugal pumps); well pump, submersible pumps ( deep well pump, submersible pumps, submersible sewage pumps, corrosion resistant submersible pumps); Francis pump (mixed flow pumps), pump, vortex pump; pipeline pump, pump, liquid pumps; fire pump, air conditioning pumps, marine pumps, food pumps; magnetic pumps, shielding pump; impurities pump (water pumps, sewage pumps, non-clog pumps, slurry, mud, sand pump, trash pump, pulp pump); vacuum pump(water ring vacuum pump, reciprocating pumps, roots vacuum); reciprocating pump; rotary pump; metering pumps, pressure pumps;
Industrial pipeline valves: Energy valves, cryogenic valves, oil, gas valves, chemical valves, water supply and sewerage valves, large-scale projects with valves, metallurgical valves, marine valves, paper and pulp production class Valves drive gears, valves and gaskets printed sign;
Household valve: Public Utilities valves, sanitary valves and other household valves, plastic valves, household water and sewer valves, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning refrigeration valves, laboratory and medical valves, valves are used in agricultural production, and accessories;

Pipe categories: pipe and pipe fittings manufacturing machinery, tube processing machinery, welding machinery; steel pipe and fittings, stainless steel pipe and fittings, non-ferrous metal pipes and accessories, concrete pipes, plastic pipes, ceramic tubes; various pipe manufacturing process including welding, cold call, dial hot, casting and other; heat treatment equipment, processing equipment; monitoring and control and detection technology, environmental protection equipment; second-hand equipment.
Tubing: various joints, elbows, tees, crosses, reducers, flanges, pipe, pipe cap, seal top

China Organizer: Beijing CEW International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Address: Chaoyang District, Beijing Mannan Park, the 25th International Exhibition Center record in the 10-story south
Contact: 15001357656 JiaHao Cao
Tel: 010-51654222-807
Fax: 010-51654222-820
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