2015 The 6th China(Shanghai)International Vacuum Equipment Exhibition

2015 The 6th China(Shanghai)International Vacuum Equipment Exhibition

 Date: 10-12 June 2015
Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Exhibition introduction
The exhibition brings together a number of domestic and foreign enterprises powerful vacuum, scheduled for 10-12 June 2015 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Warm invitation and look forward to domestic vacuum manufacturing industry, on the lower chain business and professional users will be participating, visit. Adhering to the “guiding the market supply vacuum vacuum industry-oriented show innovative elements,” the value proposition, but also for the vacuum corporate demonstrate corporate image, promote brands, gather market information, strengthen trade exchanges has played a pivotal role, focusing on “vacuum equipment” in the field, found that the industry needs a vacuum device user guide to meet individual customer needs, to bring about the development trend of vacuum equipment technology through exchanges and dialogue with the world of vacuum equipment industry colleagues, bring new development and China for the supply and demand sides of vacuum equipment industry opportunity to create China’s leading professional vacuum equipment exhibition. At the same time a lot of advertising. Propaganda is strong, wide coverage sector, professional and strong! We expect more companies to participate in our show, cooperation and communication between the industry and, at the same time display the image, expand the market, seek partners and business opportunities.

Meanwhile, we hope that through our efforts so that your company can achieve the greatest gains in this session of the show! We jointly support a number of units, the exhibition will bring together a number of powerful suppliers showcase advanced vacuum equipment, the latest technology and services. Organizers of the exhibition with many years of rich experience in the organization will conduct a powerful propaganda work to attract new products and technologies, manufacturers, distributors, users communication platform for industry business, agency, (buyers and sellers) communication platform opportunities from the vacuum device and so on, then, buyers and suppliers will come together in an interactive business environment and industry peers of key technologies, exhibitors will get an excellent opportunity to expand their business. We specialize committed to promoting exchanges and cooperation in vacuum equipment and innovative technology and user equipment manufacturers worldwide vacuum industry mentioned trading platform and image display, brand promotion, powerful platform for marketing and communication, suppliers and buyers can not miss the industry event, look forward to your participation!

1. vacuum equipmentrotary vane vacuum pumps, oil diffusion pump, Roots vacuum pumps, oil booster pump, turbo-molecular pump, a titanium sublimation pump;
2. The vacuum equipment: all kinds of vacuum metallurgical equipment and heat treatment equipment, vacuum plating equipment, vacuum packaging equipment;
3. vacuum coating equipment: including target, target, consumption of materials and a variety of power supply; vacuum coating process
4. Nanotechnology and equipment, nanomaterials and nanodevices
5. The vacuum valves and vacuum components: Includes all kinds of vacuum electronic components, vacuum systems and vacuum attachments dynamic and static sealing devices and the like;
6. vacuum measurement and calibration instruments, meters and vacuum leak detectors;
7. Vacuum materials, vacuum pump oil and vacuum engineering equipment;
8. The various surface equipment (AES, SEM, XPS, SIMS, etc.) and molecular beam epitaxy (MBE)

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