2015 China(shanghai)International Cemented Carbides Exhibition & Conference

Show Time:April 27-April 29,2015
Venue:Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center

Exhibits Scope

Hard Alloy Material
Tungsten powder, tungsten carbide powder, cobalt powder, nickel powder, high purity tungsten and other alloy powder

Hard Alloy Equipment (Carbide production equipment is required to complete a functional process in a vacuum state, EVPprovide different types of vacuum pumps and vacuum systems equipemnt.)
Granulation and milling equipment, mixing equipment, ball grinding equipment, drying equipment , screening equipment, pressing equipment, sintering equipment, cutting equipment and other tools for grinding; all kinds of grain size and hardness analyzer,the surface/composition/structure analyzer, various types of gas purification ,protection device

Hard Alloy Products
Circular sawblade, knives, drill bits,molds, rotary-down tools, nozzles, seals, anvil, bar-roller brazing billets, indexable inserts, bars, long thin slices, plate, impact drill piece, ball, wood cutting head, valves, boat pan, non-standard abrasion/corrosion-resistant structural parts and all kinds of non-standard cemented carbide products, other deep-processing products

Refactory metals and products
Tungsten heavy alloy, tungsten heavy alloy balls, tungsten alloy rods, non-standard products

HA CHINA 2015 Organizing Committee:
Contact:Maggie Song
Tel:0086-400 077 8909


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