2015 International Exhibition in South Africa Valve Fittings

Venue: Johannesburg, South Africa
Opening Time: 2015-6-7
End time: 2015-6-9

Exhibition Overview: 2015 South Africa valve fittings International Exhibition is one of Africa’s largest valve fittings exhibition, exhibition scale, although not comparable with the world’s leading exhibition-related, but its size and influence ranked first on the African continent 8th Session of the South African valve fittings exhibition has more than 170 exhibitors and attract from all over South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, Sudan, Egypt, Libya and other valve, pipe fittings, water, petroleum, metallurgy, mining, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other areas of more than 16,000 buyers, traders to this purchase, to discuss cooperation, investment and other exhibitors will bring a pioneering African countries to market a great trading platform.

Market Introduction: South Africa is a moderately developed country, its per capita income of $ 4 thousand, its GDP accounted for two-thirds of Africa, is to bring economic development of African countries, “locomotive”, South Africa is the continent’s largest economy in the country, its per capita GDP more than 4000 US dollars, is one of five mineral country, eight agricultural country, the top ten industrial countries and ten arms exporters in the world. South Africa has the most advanced transportation, electricity, telecommunications and other industrial infrastructure in Africa, its economy on the whole of southern Africa with a strong radiation.

Exhibits: various pumps: centrifugal pump (boiler feed pumps, heat pumps, hot water pumps, condensate pumps, drain pump); chemical pumps, corrosion resistant pumps; Petrochemical Process Pump (process pumps, centrifugal pumps) ; the pipeline pumps, pump, liquid; well pumps, submersible pumps (deep well pump, submersible pumps, submersible sewage pumps, corrosion resistant submersible pumps); Francis pump (mixed flow pumps), pump, vortex pump pump; fire pump, air conditioning pumps, marine pumps, food pumps; magnetic pumps, shielding pump; impurities pump (water pumps, sewage pumps, non-clog pumps, slurry, mud, sand pump, trash pump, pulp pump) ; vacuum pump(water ring vacuum pumps, reciprocating pumps, Roots vacuum); reciprocating pump; rotary pump; metering pumps, pressure pumps;

Valves: ball valves, gate valves, vacuum valves, steam traps, power station valve, solenoid valves, control valves, valve, globe valve, exhaust valve, drain valve and other pipe: stainless steel pipe, non-ferrous metal pipe, plastic pipe, composite pipe, etc. piping materials, parts, accessories, pipe pipe production, manufacturing machinery, equipment, tools, corrosion, accessories, welding, heat treatment, pipeline measuring and testing equipment, monitoring equipment, test equipment, research and development and other fittings: various joints, elbows, tees, crosses, reducers, flanges, pipe, pipe cap, seal top. Special areas;; various types of pipes trade processing technology tools and auxiliary equipment; measurement and control technology; test engineering

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