The 12th China (Shanghai)Internatinal Glass Industry Expo


Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Scope of Exhibits
Glass & Glass  products:
1.Building & decorating glass, curtain wall glass, coated glass (low-radiated glass, heat-  reverberated glass), photovoltaic   glass, safety glass, theft-proof glass, bulletproof glass, etc.
2.Energy-saving glass doors, windows & fittings;
3.Hardware tools;
4.Industrial glass;
5.Electronic & electric-light source glass;
6.Special glass;
7.Craftwork & art glass; decorative art glass;
8.Sliding door glass;glass products for daily usage;
9.Design software,etc;
Glass deep-processing machinery and grinding equipment, glass production line:
1.Processing machinery: cutting, edging, drilling, carving and pickling etc.;
2.Production & auto-control equipment: steeling, hot bending, laminating, coating, engraving, hollowing, printing,screen printing, portrait printing etc;
3.Glass surface-rubbing & polishing;
4.Grinders, cutters and other tools for glass processing.
Glass Manufacturing Technology & Equipment, Instrument & Apparatus, Testing Machinery, Auto-Control System and Supporting Systems:
1.Mining machinery, dressing machinery, distribution machinery, admixture glass vacuum melting‚machinery, weighting machinery, material transit machinery etc.;
2.Furnace design, melting technology, equalization technology, feeding machinery, augmenting machines, fire-nursing furnace. anneal furnace, hot bending, melting furnace, pools, cauldron, etc;
3.Conflagrating technologies & equipment, spray gun, nozzle, other energy-saving technology & equipment, molding equipment etc.;
4.Sorting machine, stocker, paper spreading machine, packaging system, transportation and storing terminal equipment etc;
5.Microcomputer & auto-control systems and software online auto-monitoring machinery etc;
6.Testing apparatus & instruments for raw materials, semi-finished products and finished ones, and other glass processing auto-testing & auto-controlled systems and software;
7.Environmental protection facility & comprehensive utility, industrial gases filtrating equipment, waste water cleansing equipment etc;
Raw materials, fire-proof materials and auxiliaries:
1.All kinds of senior fire-proof materials, mineral raw material and chemical raw materials etc.;
2.Rubbing material, polishing material, acidification material, frosting material and activating material for the glass surface;
3.All kinds of (high-class) glass function membrane;
4.Related polymers, resins, films, sealants, desiccants, lubricants, coolants, silver pastes, adhesives for curtain wall structures, no-shadow glues, viscose glues etc.;
5.Related metals, precious metals and related products;
6.Paints, colorants and pigments etc.

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