Chicago International Packaging Machinery Exhibition

Show time: 2015-11 to 2015-11
Sponsor: American Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute
Holding period: one year term
First held in: 1995
Exhibition Industry: Printing / Packaging / Paper – Packaging
Venue: North America – United States – Las Vegas
Held Venue: Chicago’s McCormick Center
Exhibition Scale: 10000-20000

Packaging machinery and accessories: food packaging machinery, vacuum packing machines, folder gluer, bag making machine, filling, filling, sealing, sealing, labeling machines, strapping, strapping, wrapping equipment, inkjet printer, a code machine, cups, boxes, bags, barrels, cans, bottles, caps, manufacturing machinery, cosmetic packaging machinery, plastic packaging equipment, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, plastic machinery, all kinds of die-cutting tools and other accessories;
Corrugated Honeycomb: carton machinery, paper, tape, paper pulp;
Packaging materials: co-extruded composite tensile blown film, foam sheets, cardboard, paper tube, aluminum foil, adhesive tape, hot melt processing machinery, plastic packaging materials, metal packaging material, food packaging materials, drug packaging materials , green packaging materials;
Containers: plastic containers, metal containers, glass containers, green packaging technology, packaging security technology, packaging design, packaging technology, packaging and publishing media.

Show data

Previous review

Exhibition area: 58,328 square meters

The number of exhibitors: 1633 exhibitors from 130 countries. Of which 980 domestic exhibitors, there are 653 international exhibitors.

Number of visitors: 48,000

American Packaging Exhibition 2014 in Las Vegas, an exhibition area of about 58,000 square meters, about 1600 exhibitors, Visitors reach 48,000 people, from 130 countries, which is a focus on packaging and machinery industries The exhibition, four days can make you understand the latest developments of the industry, found that you do not know the product, but also a good opportunity for production problems and solve brand challenges.

Show Description

2014 Chicago International packaging machinery and food machinery exhibition will be held as scheduled in Chicago PACKEXPO Exhibition Center November 2, 2014 -5 days. The exhibition since PMMI Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute was founded in 1995, held alternately in Chicago and Las Vegas in two places, has become North America’s largest packaging exhibition, the international packaging exhibition in a very influential professional exhibition. The United States is the world’s most developed countries, with a sound system of macroeconomic regulation and control, GDP and foreign trade volume ranks first in the world. Americans on food consumption has more scale, diversification needs, in food packaging, as well as new requirements for diversification, such as requiring low cost, environmental health, simple diversification.

2014 American International Pharmaceutical Packaging Exhibition (PharmaExpo) held with the United States International Packaging Machinery Show earlier.

Market analysis

USA Today, the world’s only superpower, both economically and militarily in the US economy is relatively stable, I believe that the US economic stimulus plan will make the US economy more stable, more energetic, there remains a strong momentum, keep the economy dominance.

According to the US Department of Commerce statistics, from January to October 2013, the United States imports and exports of goods amounted to $ 3,207,560,000,000, compared with the same period last year (below) increased 0.6%. Among them, the export of $ 1.31119 trillion, up 2.1%; imports $ 1.89636 trillion, down 0.4%. Trade deficit of $ 585.17 billion, down 5.5%. January to October, the United States and China bilateral import and export amounted to 458.52 billion US dollars, an increase of 4.0%. As of October, China’s second largest trading partner is the United States, the third largest export market and largest source of imports.
America’s largest trading partners are Canada, China, Mexico, Japan, followed by a day of up to approximately $ 1.1 billion worth of products, the US economy is highly developed countries of the global currency pegged to the dollar. Currently the fastest growing packaging equipment production in developing countries and regions. Stimulating domestic demand from the developed countries to profit, and find the right local manufacturers in developing countries, particularly in the food processing plants to invest, to provide packaging machinery and equipment. If the labeling machines and packing machines and other equipment, machinery manufactured in China can not Palit, Italy, Japan and product competition, then some low-tech products already meet the requirements of the US market, and most may get a breakthrough in the short term. In particular, some generic type of packaging equipment, such as shrink packaging machines, wrapping machines, the cost of products made in China for less than half of US products, has a very strong competitive, low prices is China’s packaging machinery to enter the US market the best stepping stone. In fact, there are already a number of US companies for OEM production in China, produced some products exported to the US market.

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