Shanghai International Vacuum Industry Show 2015

Dates: 2015/10/26  2015/10/28
Held Venue: Shanghai Mart Exhibition(No.99 Xingyi road)

Exhibition Overview

Guangdong and Shanghai Vacuum Society co-operation, the effort to build the vacuum industry’s top event!

“Guangzhou International Vacuum Industry Exhibition” Since its founding in 2011, show the scale and popularity continues to rise, the industry has been widespread concern and vacuum end enterprise applications, has grown into an international exhibition in South China’s largest and the only effective . Show the vacuum industry for our new technologies, new materials, new products and the latest technological achievements in various fields application provides a centralized platform for the display, but also for the vacuum business showcase corporate image, brand promotion, gather market information, strengthening trade exchange has played a pivotal role.

In order to meet the needs of enterprises in the new era of development, gathering resources to build a broader platform to enhance the effect of the size of the exhibition and the Fifth Guangzhou International Vacuum Industry Exhibition will be staged in Shanghai held Exhibition: “2015 Shanghai International Industry Exhibition vacuum” . While adding “Shanghai Vacuum Society” as the organizers involved in the organization of the exhibition, we will rely on Shanghai unique geographical advantages and economic radiation capacity, continue to increase promotional efforts to strengthen the work of professional organizations and invite the audience, do everything we can to help businesses and expand the channels of communication open market operations.

Guangdong and Shanghai Vacuum Society co-operation, trade associations related applications support, many well-known brands of vacuum, gathered in Shanghai, the effort to build the vacuum industry’s top event! We invite all relevant units to actively participate in the Chinese vacuum industry event, exhibitors or come visit!


Dimensional promotion, comprehensive coverage

● exert power industry organizations, the exhibition industry cooperation agencies to dispatch all enterprises, organization member units to participate in the exhibition

● with hundreds of professional media, mass media, in-depth cooperation, through the medium of resources to maximize publicity show.

● throughout the organization promotion, press releases expand awareness exhibition.

● actively participate in the global organization of exhibitions and activities related to further expand the visibility of the show overseas.

The main target audience for the show

● communications, electronics, metallurgy, aerospace, automotive, light industry, chemical industry, food, medicine, health, advertising printing, glass,

● ceramics, solar, photovoltaic, PV, surface treatment, batteries, glasses and other areas of the audience

● manufacturers, sales agents, import and export companies, international trading companies and other industry buyers

● EU, America, ASEAN, Japan, South Korea and other overseas buyers

● areas of each application industry associations, societies, institutions of higher education and other audiences


● vacuum equipment (various types of pumps:rotary vane pumps, oil diffusion pumps, cryogenic pumps, molecular pumps, etc.)

● vacuum equipment (vacuum metallurgy and heat treatment equipment; vacuum freeze-drying and packaging equipment, etc.)

● vacuum coating equipment (optical coatings, ion plating, evaporation, sputtering equipment and related products, etc.)

● vacuum leak detection devices and components (valves, fittings, measurement / calibration of instruments, testing / leak detectors, vacuum pump oil)


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