oil-free screw vacuum pump of fatigue failure of cause analysis

Oil free screw vacuum pump is an updated product of oil sealed vacuum pump, which can pump out gas occasions containing a large amount of steam and a small amount of dust. When it fails, part of the reason is fatigue damage. Here are the reasons for equipment fatigue damage:

oil-free screw vacuum pump of fatigue failure of cause analysis
1、 Pump shaft:

1) Due to the force of gas in the pump cavity on the pump shaft during the operation of the pump shaft of oil-free screw vacuum pump, this force is also called radial force.

2) In addition to the radial force in the vacuum pump, the unreasonable structure is an important reason for the fatigue failure of the pump shaft.

2、 The fit clearance increases after corrosion and wear, and some are ground into oval shaft holes, which not only affects the performance, but also intensifies the vibration and promotes fatigue fracture.

3、 In the design, excessive abrupt change of section shall be avoided, and fillet connection shall be applied instead of sharp corner at the transition. The surface finish shall not be too low, especially where the shaft is easy to break.

4、 The shaft of the vacuum pump has not undergone heat treatment, so the fatigue strength is low. In order to prevent fracture, the pump shaft shall be quenched and tempered at least, and nitriding shall be carried out where conditions permit.

5、 During processing, the circumferential processing at the transition of different shaft diameters shall ensure the quality, and shall be carried out in strict accordance with the size and gloss required in the drawing. The surface and transition surface of the pump shaft shall be free of knife marks, scratches, bumps and other defects.

6、 The fatigue failure of pump shaft does great harm to production. The solutions are as follows:
Check the fatigue strength of the pump shaft according to the radial force. When using corrosive gas and liquid ring, use corresponding corrosion-resistant materials. The pump shaft must be quenched and tempered, and the quality must be guaranteed during processing.

Oil free screw vacuum pump is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor and other enterprise fields. No matter what kind of fault we face, we all need emergency repair, because a small fault will bring great production harm to the equipment. In addition, daily maintenance and maintenance are very important and can not be ignored.

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