high vacuum damper valve Angle Valve

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Description: GDQ-J(b)-A pneumatic high vacuum damper valve(Angle Valve) is sealed by sylpho.
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GDQ-J(b)-A pneumatic high vacuum damper valve(Angle Valve) is sealed by sylpho. Motivated by compressed air, it pushes the cylinder to up and down move with the valve rod by changing the direction of electromagnetism to transform the gas circuit direction, which drives the valve to open or close, in order to cut off or connect gas flow in the Vacuum system. Such valve is advantageous in operating steady and reliable with long life span, which can be the top choice within the automatic vacuum facilities. Applicable medium can be air and noncorrosive gases.

Basic Dimensions

Applicable Scope(Pa) 1×105~1.3×10-6
Valve Leak Rate(Pa.L/S) ≤1.3×10-7
Applicable Temperature(℃) -25~+40
Air Source Pressure(MPa) 0.4~0.6
Flange Standard GB4982
Install Position Arbitrary
Power Valtage Standard Technism:AC220V/50Hz
especially for AC110V;DC24V;DC12V.
Signal Feedback Standard Technism:without signal feedback
especially for microswitch


Overall Dimensions

Model Diameter(DN) ΦD ΦB H A L bxb
GDQ-J10(b)A 10 30 12.2 139 40 40 40×40
GDQ-J16(b)A 16 30 17.2 139 40 40 40×40
GDQ-J25(b)A 25 40 26.2 161 50 51 62×62
GDQ-J40(b)A 40 55 41.2 191 65 60 80×80

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