pneumatic ball valve of installation skills

We are no stranger to the installation of pneumatic ball valve. The editor has also introduced many contents in this regard before, but there are still some users who make mistakes in installation or use it less than ideal after installation. Next, I will introduce some tips for installing pneumatic ball valves, so that you can complete the installation of pneumatic ball valves faster and better.

pneumatic ball valve of installation skills

Pneumatic ball valve of installation tips:

1. Remove the protective cover on the flange side, open the pneumatic ball valve, and then clean the valve in this state.

2. During installation, the whole machine shall be tested according to the specified signal, and can be installed online only after it is qualified.

3. Before preparing to connect with the pipeline, the residual impurities in the pipeline must be cleaned and removed.

4. During installation, please do not use the actuator of the valve as the lifting point to avoid damaging the actuator and accessories.

5. Pneumatic ball valves shall be installed on horizontal or vertical pipes.

6. The pipelines near the installation shall not be sagged or bear external forces. Pipe supports or pipe supports can be used to eliminate the deviation of pipelines.

7. When the pneumatic ball valve is connected with the pipeline, please cross lock the flange bolts with the specified torque.

Knowing the installation of pneumatic ball valve can ensure that the pneumatic ball valve can be used better to avoid failure.

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