PulPaper Helsinki 2018 Finland

PulPaper is the most important trade show in the Nordic chemical, processing and wood processing industries, bringing together major operators. The halls of the Messukeskus, Helsinki expo and conference center will be filled with decision makers and professionals, as well as the most important participating companies. PulPaper had 9,000 visitors at its last event in 2018.

CL703 vacuum pump used by our company in wood processing is displayed as follows:

PulPaper Helsinki 2018 Finland
The overall theme of the event is “visit tomorrow today”. This refers to new and innovative technologies that the forest industry can use in the digital world while respecting the environment.

PulPaper will host a variety of seminars throughout the three days of the event. Business BBS is a seminar on corporate management, focusing on topics ranging from consumer habits to sustainability and from innovation to management change.

The pulp paper conference for forestry experts and researchers will be held on May 30 solstice 31. Forty experts, researchers and company representatives from Nordic countries, Japan, North America and the rest of the world will address the seminar. Topics include recycling economy, biomass utilization, climate change and biorefining development.

Environmental friendliness is a competitive advantage

Environmental standards are often seen as a burden on the industry. But PulPaper is addressing this problem through opportunity. As environmentally friendly and responsible production increasingly guides consumer buying behavior, innovations that meet consumer needs in terms of ecology, function, aesthetics, and price level are becoming a competitive advantage for companies.

PulPaper attracts many innovations that are revolutionizing the entire industry. These include data-based sensors for treatment of wastewater from pulping industries, new catalytic bleaching methods and the use of industrial waste as agricultural fertilizer. In addition, a research project will be presented to seek breakthrough technologies for chemical pulp production.

The future of wooden packaging materials

Plastic is the world’s main packaging material. Because of its long decomposition period, plastic waste is a great burden on the environment. Bioplastics are already being used in almost every industry: electronics, agriculture, textiles and health care. Wood is seen as the renewable material of the future and will be used in packaging and textiles.

PulPaper will present solutions based on renewable wood to replace fossil-based materials. Swedish startup Cellutech will reveal the company is currently in use wood what new materials development. Current developments in bioplastics will also be reviewed. Finnish packaging startup Sulapac will be presented as a business case that provides a good example of clever packaging design. Its packaging material is made of wood and used in cosmetics. They turned ecology into a luxury. Sulapac has a competitive advantage because it can compete on price with comparable packaging made of plastic, and the material can be mass-produced using the same equipment as plastic.

The PulPaper meeting will also discuss forest biomass use and climate change management. The speaker will explore regulations related to the industry at the European Union level and consider the availability of biomass and related policies.

3D printing of biomaterials

A seminar on 3D printing of biomaterials will also be held at PulPaper. In printing materials, the development of biomaterials offers many opportunities for new value-added USES of cellulose. 3D printing of biomaterials provides companies with a way to create cost-effective customized products that save materials and achieve environmental sustainability. For example, the seminar will introduce promising examples of cellulosic thermal insulation materials.

The new event will be held on April 27-29, 2021 at PulPaper

Messukeskus# PulPaper2021

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