2BE1-353 Water Ring Vacuum Pumps in Vacuum Filter Application in Russia

2BE1-353 Water Ring Vacuum Pumps in Vacuum Filter Application in Russia

Filtration machine 
Filtration is the process of separating solid particles from a liquid slurry. All forms of filtration require a pressure differential to make the liquid pass through a porous filter medium/membrane. Some processes apply a vacuum to the underside of the filter medium in order to draw the liquid through. Other processes apply a compressed gas to the slurry side of the filter medium to force the liquid through.

For every application, the solid’s particle size, quantity and properties have to be carefully assessed to decide what type of filter will be most suitable and what filter medium should be used. Various filtration techniques have been developed to meet the requirements of many
different industrial applications.

Filter applications can be hard on pumps and compressors. EVP’s service organization is ready to provide support keeping your process running smoothly and efficiently and to avoid extensive equipment downtime.


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