ZJP300 Roots pump with 2X-100A Rotary Vacuum Pump Used In Oil services In Saudi Arabia

Customer region: Saudi Arabia Purchased model:ZJP300 Roots pump with 2X-100A Rotary Vacuum Pump Application: Oil & Gas Plant Vacuum pump photos before shipping as below:

Vacuum fittings used in vacuum systems

Customer region: Russia Purchased model: Clamps, bellows, vacuum valves, tees, cross, etc Application: Many kinds of vacuum applications, like labs, vacuum systems’ connections Equipment/Vacuum fittings photos before shipping:

high-vacuum flapper valve Used In extracting the CO2 Application

Customer Region: United States Purchased Model: GDQ-S160 high-vacuum flapper valve Application: extracting the CO2 industry Required Technical specifications : 1. Weight: 20 kgs 2. Diameter: 150 DN, 6 inch diameter opening 3. Can take temperatures up to 200C without cooling 4. Flange type: ISO-K ...

DLV Two Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum System used in alkalized process of cocoa beans

Customer Region: South America (Ecuador) Purchased Model: DLV-350 Two Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum System Application: Used in alkalized process of cocoa beans Existing vacuum pump: Old liquid ring vacuum product, can not work well. Need new one with more bigger vacuum system. Vacuum Pump Pictures as...

Rotary vane vacuum pump used in medical industry

Customer region: BOLIVIA Purchased model: Model SV-250 rotary vane vacuum pump Application: Medical industry / hospital Equipment/Vacuum system photos before shipping:

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Used in Paper Mill in Bengal

Customer region: Bengal Purchased model: 2BE1-303 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Application: Paper Mill Equipment/Vacuum system photos before shipping:

LGB220 Dry screw vacuum pump Used In Chemical plant In Thailand

Customer region: Thailand Purchased model:LGB220 Dry screw vacuum pumps Application: Chemical Plant Vacuum pump photos before shipping as below:

Water Ring Vacuum Pumps Used In Vacuum drying of vegetable and fruit

Customer Region: Europe Purchased Model: 8Sets EVP 2BV5-110 Water Ring Vacuum Pumps Application: Vacuum drying of vegetable and fruit. Requirement Vacuum: -0.092~-0.095MPa  Max. Capacity: 120m3/h Clients’ Chamber and EVP Vacuum pump Pictures as follow: