Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Used in Paper-making Industry in Europe

Customer region: Europe Purchased model: Model 2BE3-40, 2BE3-42, 2BE3-50 single stage liquid ring vacuum pumps with separator and filter pump Application: Paper-making industry Equipment/Vacuum system photos before shipping:

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Closed Cycle Vacuum Unit Used in Chemical industry in Europe

Customer region: Europe Purchased model: 2BE1-202 and 2BV6-131 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Closed Cycle Vacuum Unit Application: Chemical industry, to pump below media – Gas, temperature 21C, pump different gases (it will be used for six different processes): – vapors containing hydrochlo...

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Used In Vacuum Pan In Southeast Asia

Liquid ring vacuum pump for vacuum pan application Customer region: Southeast Asia Purchased model: 2BE1-355 (suction capacity: 6000 m3/hr) Application: Vacuum Pan application Equipment before shipment : as below

Liquid ring vacuum pump used in milking machine in Middle East

DLV-110 vacuum pump with material of all SS316L for our food manufacturers Customer Region: Middle East Purchased Model: 2Sets DLV-110 with all SS316L material Application: Milking machine On-Site working picture: Complete DLV-110 liquid ring vacuum pump  

Roots And Oil Ring Vacuum System Used In Waste Oi Refining Plant In Middle East

ZJZDLV-500 Vacuum systems for waste oil refinery Customer region: Middle East Purchased model:ZJZDLV-500 Vacuum systems (ZJP600+ZJP300 Roots vacuum pump+DLV500 double stage liquid ring vacuum pump ) Application: waste oil refining On-site working picture: as below

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Used In Vacuum sterilization Equipment Plant In South America

2BV2061 & 2BV5111 Vacuum Pump with Separator for Vacuum sterilization Equipment manufactuer Customer Region: South America Purchased Model: 2BV2061 + Separator and 2BV5111 + Separator (To replace old Nash Pump) Application: Vacuum Sterilization Plant On-Site working picture: 2BV2061 + Separat...

Water ring vacuum pump used in offshore on a rig applications

EVP recently sold 2 units DLV 1600 double stage water ring vacuum pump which will be used in offshore on a rig application in Angola. The technical specifications of DLV 1600 water ring vacuum pump: 1.Suction capacity:1600m3/hr 2.Ultimate vacuum: ≤ 5X10-7 Pa 3.Material: All pump used super duple...

Maglev turbo molecular pump used in aerospace applications

EVP recently sold 1 set of CXF-320/3001 maglev turbo molecular pump with its backing pump (dry scroll vacuum pump) and a ultra-high pneumatic vacuum gate valve to an aerospace application. This equipment will used in aerospace. The technical specifications of EVP CXF-320/3001 maglev turbo molecu...