Maglev turbo molecular pump Used Inaerospace application in Asia

Maglev turbo molecular pump used in aerospace applications Customer region: Asia Purchased model: CXF-320/3001 Application: Aerospace application Equipment before shipment : as below

DLV600 Liquid ring Vacuum Pump Used In petrochemical industry In Europe

DLV600 Two Stage Liquid ring Vacuum Pump for petrochemical plant Customer region: Europe Purchased model:DLV600 Two Stage Liquid ring Vacuum Pump  Application: Petrochemical plant Equipment/Vacuum system photos On-site and before shipping:

2BV2-060 Liquid ring Vacuum Pump Used 3D Printing In Europe

2BV2-060 Liquid ring Vacuum Pump for 3D Printing plant Customer region: Europe Purchased model:2BV2-060 Liquid ring Vacuum Pump  Application: 3D Printing mill Vacuum pump photos before shipping as below:

Liquid Ring Vacuum compressor Used in Sugar Industry in Latin America

2BE-305 to replace customer old Elmo Siemens 2BA compressor used in sugar mill Customer region: Latin America Application: sugar mill Specification: wetted parts SS304 material with mechanical seal Customer old model:   Our shipment picture:

DLV350 Two Stages LR Vacuum Pump Used In Research institute of construction and road Brick Plant in Africa

Customer Region: Africa Purchased Model: DLV350 Two Stages Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump (To replace old PO Oscillating Pump) Application: Brick Manufacturer Plant On-Site working picture: EVP DLV350 Two Stages Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps Used in Acetone Recovery in Europe

Customer region: Europe Purchased model: Model LG-50 dry screw vacuum pump Application: Acetone recovery, industrial application Equipment/Vacuum system photos before shipping:

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Used in Electric Metal Mould Production in Southeast Asia

Customer region: Southeast Asia Purchased model: Model 2BV2-061 single stage liquid ring vacuum pumps Application: Metal mould manufacturer Equipment/Vacuum system photos before shipping:

2BE3-40 Liquid ring Vacuum Pump Used In steel degassing In Asia

2BE3-40 Liquid ring Vacuum Pump for steel degassing plant Customer region: Asia Purchased model:2BE3-40 Liquid ring Vacuum Pump  Application: steel degassing in steel mill Vacuum pump photos before shipping as below: