Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Used in Paper Mill in Bengal

Customer region: Bengal Purchased model: 2BE1-303 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Application: Paper Mill Equipment/Vacuum system photos before shipping:

LGB220 Dry screw vacuum pump Used In Chemical plant In Thailand

Customer region: Thailand Purchased model:LGB220 Dry screw vacuum pumps Application: Chemical Plant Vacuum pump photos before shipping as below:

Water Ring Vacuum Pumps Used In Vacuum drying of vegetable and fruit

Customer Region: Europe Purchased Model: 8Sets EVP 2BV5-110 Water Ring Vacuum Pumps Application: Vacuum drying of vegetable and fruit. Requirement Vacuum: -0.092~-0.095MPa  Max. Capacity: 120m3/h Clients’ Chamber and EVP Vacuum pump Pictures as follow:

2X-A Two Stage Rotary Vane Piston Pump used in District Cooling

Customer Region: Asia (Qatar) Purchased Model: 2X-15A Two Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Application: District Cooling Existing vacuum pump: Old 2X-15A vacuum pump, can not work well. Need new one to replace. Vacuum Pump Pictures as follow:

Roots-piston Vacuum Pump System Used in Vacuum Furnaces

Customer region: France Purchased model: Model H-150G piston vacuum pump + ZJP-1200 roots vacuum pump Application: Vacuum Furnaces Equipment/Vacuum system photos before shipping:

Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps Used In Fruit freeze drying industry

Customer Region: North America Purchased Model: 24 Sets EVP LG-50 Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps Application: Fruit freeze drying industry Client need working pressure: -5 torr and chamber size is 1.05*2.2m. Existing system: 24Sets WELCH 2Stages Belt Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump , ultimate vacuum is 0.0...

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Used in Block Moulding Machine in EPS Production

Customer region: North Macedonia Purchased model: Model DLV-600 liquid ring vacuum pump Application: Block Moulding Machine in EPS Production Equipment/Vacuum system photos before shipping:

2BE1-203 Liquid ring vacuum pump Used In Building materials In Indonesia

Customer region: Indonesia Purchased model:2BE1-203 Liquid ring vacuum pumps Application: Building material (production of mortar or instant cement and multipurpose cement) Vacuum pump photos before shipping as below: