Competence in Mineral Processing & Mining Industry

The varying and complex methods used to extract and process minerals present the most demanding pump services in industry.
Whether extracting alumina from bauxite, iron ore, phosphate, copper, titanium dioxide or coal, there are some generic applications that can employ EVP equipment (water ring vacuum pumps).
EVP liquid ring vacuum pumps supplies a reliable range of robust products in the mining and mineral processing industry serving a range of applications for example:
1. Methane Gas Extraction 
Methane gas accumulation in underground coal mining is dangerous. Explosions and resultant loss of life can and has occurred. EVP systems designed especially for this application are supplied to help prevent this dangerous condition.
2.Vacuum filtration
In this application, the moisture from the filtrate receiver of a vacuum filter is collected and fed back into the system. If a system upset occurs, such as the failure of the filtrate pump, slugs of liquid can carry over into the vacuum system. Soft solids from the filter can also enter the vacuum system. In both cases, the liquid and soft solids will not damage the liquid ring vacuum pump, improving the overall reliability of the vacuum filtration system. A variety of seal liquids compatible with the process vapors may be selected in order to minimize contamination of gases extracted during the filtration process.
EVP Liquid ring vacuum pumps are well known for cake dewatering on disc, drum, belt, and
pre coat filter applications.
3. Waste gas recovery
EVP Liquid ring vacuum compressors are used to recover CO and other waste gasses
produced in smelting and other similar operations.

Competence in Mineral Processing & Mining Industry

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