vacuum suction station


Each vacuum suction station (vacuum generator) of ZF series is a complete system comprising one or two water ring vacuum pumps as a vacuum generator and a vacuum reservoir as a vacuum storage device. Such station is applicable for operations requiring frequent vacuumization and small exhaustion capacity. Compared with directly application of vacuum pump, the station saves energy and efficiently prolongs service life of vacuum pump.

The stations provide vacuum sources for medical gas centers of large and medium-size hospitals, and being widely used as vacuum sources for vacuum stations of chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry, vacuum molding of rubber and plastic engineering parts for auto industry, impregnation of flame-retardant conveyor belt for coal mine and foundry industry (V, VRH, V-EPC). Our company is also engaged in installation of centralized oxygen supply and vacuum suction equipment for hospital.

Operation principle:

After configuring upper limit and lower limit of the vacuum system (eg. upper limit -0.08MPa and lower limit -0.06MPa) and turning on the system, one vacuum pump runs until vacuum in the vacuum reservoir is higher than -0.08MPa, then the pump automatically stops and the vacuum reservoir is sealed by an automatic check valve. Provided that the vacuum of the vacuum reservoir is lower than -0.06MPa due to operational requirement, the other vacuum pump runs automatically until the vacuum is -0.08MPa again. Such circulation ensures that the vacuum is always between the upper limit and lower limit.

Function characteristics:
The whole process is automatically controlled since the initial start. The vacuums of different parts of the vacuum system in the process fluctuate within an allowable extent, and the fluctuation range can be adjusted according to user requirement. An alarm alerts when the vacuum is lower than the set value.
The station runs automatically under unmanned condition and automatically seals the vacuum system in case of power failure.
The device is allocated with a gas and water separator, thus it can save water and reduce environment pollution.

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