EPS Foaming

What is expanded polystyrene (EPS)?
Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a thermoplastic, closed-cell, lightweight, rigid-foam plastic. The low thermal conductivity, high compressive, strength and excellent shock absorption properties of EPS make it an ideal material for the application demand for which it is used.

EPS foaming
During the production of EPS components and modules,it’s the first time using a vacuum pump,pre-expanded polystyrene balls are blown into a mold where steam is then applied. At final polymerization, the balls are cured into the molded component.To ensure that the molded components do not lose their shape when removed from the mold,especially for large products,it’s easy to pass 3 to 4 minutes.So,they must be cooled with water. With the vacuum pumps, the water vaporizes in a flash.
Along with the increasingly regard on environment protection,Dry vacuum pumps will be more and more popular in EPS foaming industry.
In a foreign country, the dry vacuum pump market growth showing a rising trend,which is mainly from the semiconductor industry,chemical industry and the rapid development of the film industry.
In Japan,the semiconductor industry almost used the dry vacuum pumps (dry scroll vacuum pumps or turbomolecular vacuum pumps) instead of oil sealed mechanical pump.While in European semiconductor industry is about 45% used in dry vacuum pumps.

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