2X-A series rotary vane vacuum pump used for vacuum deaeration resin adhesive industry

Vacuum deaeration machine is mainly used for the LED lamps and lanterns, LED epoxy glue, plastic toys, transformer, resin handicraft, AB glue, silicone rubber industry have higher request for the stirring deaeration,

Why do you want to use the vacuum deaeration?

In the process of production, with high viscosity, containing gas is more, it will form bubbles, such as: epoxy resin, glass glue, etc., its material is deaeration.Ceramic grouting process in the need to eliminate air bubbles from the body, you will need to vacuum mixing and deaeration.

Vacuum deaeration machine working principle and operation
Vacuum deaeration machine including;The resin deaeration machine;The AB glue deaeration machine;LED deaeration machine;The epoxy resin adhesive deaeration machine vacuum deaeration tank deaeration glue machine, etc.The device is in using differential pressure will bubble in the product..For example, we use it for resin adhesive industry.

artifacts put into the vacuum chamber to pump vacuum , Can suction gas which can suction from the workpiece material.

2XA type rotary vane vacuum pump is used to pump specific gases in sealed container, the container is the basic equipment to get certain vacuum, due to the height of the development of modern science and technology, the application of the vacuum pump in various scientific fields and various enterprises and institutions,

Vacuum deaeration machine working Steps:

1. To be processed in the colloid to be included in the equipment room opened 1 valve discharge air products placed and formed in the vacuum pump pressure difference.

2. Open the rotary vane vacuum pump with product placement room 2 valves at this point in the gas under the action of pressure difference, out products.

3. Open the pneumatic valve after we finish the exhaust process, take out the products.Make its surface dense!(with an automated vacuum deaeration equipment this step can be omitted) repeatedly to work!

At the same time, the product can also be used in the LED industry appliances deaeration step at the same, in after the completion of the product smooth and full of luster feeling!Vacuum deaeration machine is mainly used in the colloid deaeration, the electronics industry led deaeration deaeration and ceramic and plastic toys.

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