The advantage of EVP vacuum in the chemical industry

The advantage of EVP vacuum in the chemical industry

Yesterday we received a phone , consulting 2BV060 water ring vacuum pump price , Aftering understanding  the demand of some products and my company’s information, the customer asked us a question, we feel compelled to share with you, that is EVP vacuum compared with many other company what are the advantages?

Because the customer is engaged in chemical industry, then we will introduce, what are the advantages of EVP in chemical industry.

First, we are the manufacturer, in terms of price and after-sale might be better than dealers have more advantages.

Second, our geographical location is very convenient, coastal location, convenient shipping, and delivery is very fast, after also can timely follow up.

Third, we have dozens of invention patent on vacuum equipment, has a strong production and transformation ability.

Fourth, we have a large number of cases in the industry.

Fifth, product advantage, we have more product variety, wide range of application , our main products include water ring vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps, rotary piston vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump, vacuum pump and diffusion.

Sixth, all our products are through strict inspection of the production, respectively, passed the ISO and CE quality, quality by the vast number of users praise, our products are exported to all over the world.


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