Vacuum pump used in fishing application

The fish suction pump was originally used in trawl and purse seine fisheries, but it has a large difference in principle and requirements from the fish suction pump used for catching live fish in cages. The previous fish suction pump used the pump body The high-speed rotation of the blades raises the water pressure of the fish. Because the fish has to pass through the blades, the fish has a high mortality rate. The fish suction pump that is currently used for catching net cages uses the principle of vacuum negative pressure to suck the fish water. Up, the fish water is under negative pressure and the fish body is not damaged. It is mainly used for catching and transporting live fish in cages.

The net cage vacuum live fish catcher and vacuum fish suction pump newly developed in China mainly use water ring vacuum pump as the main equipment for forming negative pressure, plus some control switching valves to complete the catch of live fish. This equipment It has the advantages of reasonable design principles, high degree of automation, large catch, and no damage to fish. It has attracted the attention of a large number of cage culture users.
In this way, the fish in the purse can be directly sucked into the fish tank, thereby avoiding the fish being scratched by the blade through the traditional fish suction method, causing damage, and can better ensure the integrity of the fish.

Schematic diagram of the single barrel structure for living fish

Vacuum Pump Used In Fishing Application

Schematic diagram of the dual barrels structure for living fish

Vacuum Pump Used In Fishing Applications

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