The application of water ring vacuum pumps in plastic industry

Vacuum degassing is widely used in plastic industry, the liquid ring vacuum pump have a important role in vacuum degassing ,one of plastic raw material moisture, impurity gas extraction in the ensure the quality of plastic products, this is the vacuum degassing, plastic extrusion machine industry used also use to the vacuum system, extruder die form a complete set, finalize the design for plastic product, is the use of a vacuum to the product.

The rapid development of plastic industry can not leave from the function of vacuum pump, liquid ring vacuum pump further promote the development of plastic industry, the development of our 2 BE series water ring vacuum pump , 2SK series water ring pumo, 2BV series water ring vacuum pump can be widely used in plastic industry.

Plastic vacuum calibrating process flow diagram materials include: feed water ring vacuum pump extruder screen pack melt pipe die head stretch film cooling

Plastic industry qualitative machine: vacuum extruder die for a plastic product of form a complete set.

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