Seawater deaeration equipment

Looking for the leaders in seawater deaeration vacuum equipment? EVP has produced hundreds of vacuum pumps and ejectors for use on oil platforms throughout the world. You can find our equipment on oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, the Persian Gulf and across Asia. At the heart of our systems is our nickel-aluminum-bronze (AB2/BS1400) vacuum pumps, for which EVP is the industry leader in their production.

Nickel-aluminum-bronze offers the best of both corrosion resistance to seawater and economical pricing. It is not uncommon for EVP nickel-aluminum-bronze pumps to be in operation 10 to 15 years or longer than 316 stainless steel pumps in this harsh environment. Often, pumps in this service are supplied with Monel shafts and Xylan coated 316 stainless steel exterior bolting. Mechanical seal selection is determined by the application requirements.

Our deaeration systems don’t stop with the vacuum pump. Systems normally consist of the vacuum pumps, atmospheric air ejectors, baseplates, separator tanks, and other ancillary equipment, such as the motors, couplings, and guards.

Ejectors are normally supplied in 316 stainless steel or Monel. Baseplates are coated in a heavy-duty epoxy consisting of a primer coat, two intermediate coats, and a polyurethane finishing coat. Separator tanks are manufactured from fiberglass-reinforced plastic.

All of our deaeration systems and individual components are designed to work efficiently together, while offering years of trouble-free service.

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