Roots blower main applications

In recent years, with the rapid economic growth and people’s increased awareness of environmental protection, Roots blowers have gradually become more and more popular in the market and are widely used in lots of industries. It is not only used in the traditional industry , but also commonly used in the environmental protection industry. Below we talk about the application of Roots blowers in different industries .

1. Sewage treatment, waste water treatment

Stirring of purified sediment for water treatment plants. Such as domestic sewage, industrial sewage, medical sewage, etc.


The roots blower can support combustion and also to help to discharge gas.

3. Cleaning pipelines

It is used to remove dust and iron powder during pipeline replacement or maintenance. It is also used to supply various coatings in pipelines.

4.Ozone generator

It is used as a gas source for high-concentration ozone generators.


5.Plating bath

In order to optimize the quality of the electroplating bath (uniform plating), the gas is transported in the electrolyte layer, and the electrolytic problems are circulated. At this time, the gas source is used.

6.Gas burner

The high-pressure exhaust air is used to turn the gas into tiny molecules.


It is used for aeration and aeration of ponds, such as raising polyps, carps, turtles, catfish, prawns, crayfish, crabs, loach, sea cucumbers, etc.

8. Conveying Grains

The use of gas to transport grains such as wheat, which are dropped by rotary valves.

9.Grains Transportation

To transport flour, corn flour, rice husks and so on.

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