Vacuum Pump for CNC Machine

Precision engraving machine, referred to as CNC, is used for high precision processing of touch screen glass, acrylic and aluminum parts of mobile phone shell. Vacuum is needed to absorb and fix the parts in the process of processing.

The CNC we come into contact with is divided into single-headed and double-headed. At present, the market is dominated by double-headed CNC. According to the different processing objects, the following will be a brief introduction.


1. In order to process the CNC of touch screen glass (acrylic), cutting fluid is needed to process such products, because there is a large amount of cutting fluid to cool the cutting tools and parts. Cutting fluid may be pumped into vacuum pump. If oil lubricated vacuum pump is used, the contact between liquid and oil will easily cause damage to vacuum equipment, or long time saturated gas will also cause emulsification of vacuum pump oil and damage to equipment.

Therefore, water ring vacuum pump is now commonly used by users.

In the process of using water ring vacuum pump, it must be installed correctly and allocated reasonably. Similar problems are found in many users, such as:

A. Vacuum degree is unstable, some machines have vacuum, some machines have no vacuum, or sometimes not; B. Low efficiency, vacuum degree is always insufficient, and many spare parts need to be added. Normally, 11KW water ring vacuum pump can take 20-25 CNC machines with Beijing carved double head, and many factories can only take 7-8 machines;

C. Shut-down drainage is required. Many factories, including equipment suppliers, will provide buffer tanks or pre-separators. However, due to unreasonable installation or design, vacuum separation can not be achieved, resulting in pipeline and tank water storage, which requires shutdown of manual drainage.

In view of such problems, our EVP pump has rich field experience and stable and reliable solutions!

2. CNC with high precision processing of aluminium parts (metal parts) of mobile phone shell, the most important key of this kind of CNC machine tool is to solve the problem of system piping and equipment selection. The system is an oil-lubricated vacuum pump that can be used. But at the same time, we should pay attention to two situations:

A. The equipment configuration and selection should be accurate to avoid waste or insufficient vacuum. Our oil-lubricated vacuum pump 11KW can take 40-45 CNC machines with two-head Beijing fine carving.

B. Reasonable configuration and pipeline installation, improper configuration of many customers, resulting in a lot of equipment failures; for example, the vacuum system of a metal precision processing workshop (mobile phone cover) in a factory has been maintained for more than three years. The vacuum pump has been repaired more than 15 times, and the failure has been reported at both ends of three days. Finally, the vacuum system has been replaced. It has been more than three years now, and no one has occurred. Secondary malfunction shutdown.

If you are interested in vacuum applications in CNC industry, EVP vacuum pump will provide you with the most professional technical support and services at any time!

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