Roots blower used in large sewage treatment project

Roots blowers are usually used in large sewage treatment projects. The noise produced by low noise fan is the main source of noise in sewage treatment plant. Roots blower can work in general atmosphere, rich in water vapor, alcohol, gasoline and other special application environment. This method can reduce the downstream pressure of rotor, reduce the power consumption scheme, and absolutely reduce the power consumption of Roots blower.

Clean the dirt and check the internal parts for damage. As an important treatment facility in sewage treatment design, roots blower room is of great significance to the operation of the whole sewage treatment system, especially the operation cost and noise control. As the impeller is running in the body without friction and lubrication, there is no oil in the exhaust gas. When the roots pump is used for the first time, the roots pump must be started, and its steering shall be adjusted correctly. It is strictly prohibited to reverse. Due to the high pressure of the main and auxiliary oil tanks, the upper and lower plugs of the main and auxiliary oil tanks shall be tightened, otherwise oil leakage may occur.


Three blade roots blower advantages :

1. Low noise, spiral shape of fan inlet and outlet, make the air inlet and exhaust process cut in sequence according to the direction of helix, avoiding the pulsating noise and vibration of the old fan when it is exhaust. This series adopts the impedance compound type, further reducing the noise.

2. Heat insulation efficiency and volume efficiency are high, so energy saving. The compound curve adopted by the fan rotor makes the engagement more reasonable and increases the volume efficiency.

3. Stable performance: the fan rotor, casing, wallboard, shaft and other key parts are all CNC processing equipment, which improves the interchangeability of parts.

4. Small vibration: Although the rotor has been precision machined, it has become a balanced state. However, high-precision dynamic balancing equipment is still used for balancing. Therefore, the fan operates without vibration.

5. The use of high-precision, high hardness synchronous gear not only extends the life of the fan, but also effectively reduces the noise.

6. This series of fan bearings are imported NSK Bearings. There are two kinds of lubrication methods, grease lubrication is used below 0.6kgf/cm2 and splash lubrication is used between 0.7-0.9kgf/cm2, which makes the product quality more reliable.

7. The output air is clean without any oil and dust, and the sealing structure is reasonable, so that the oil can not enter the casing, so the air is clean.

8. The belt driven three leaf roots blower adopts imported belt.

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