SEMICON/FPD China 2023

Exhibition Dates: June 29 – July 1, 2023

Concurrent Forum Dates: June 29 – July 1, 2023

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), E1-E7 and Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai

Three major global semiconductor trends endow the exhibition with special significance

As a cyclical development industry, the semiconductor industry has both upward and downward phases. Although the industry is currently in a downward cycle, the future prospects are still promising. Ju Long said that, on the one hand, in the era of ubiquitous “chips” and no “chips”, semiconductors, as the cornerstone of all electronic products, digital economy, and even human civilization, will continue to advance under various intelligent applications. On the other hand, smart application innovation represented by ChatGPT will drive new growth in the semiconductor industry.

According to WSTS data, global semiconductor sales in 2022 will increase by 3.2% from US$555.9 billion in 2021 to a record US$573.5 billion. According to Gartner’s prediction, global semiconductor sales will drop by 11.2% in 2023, and it is expected to achieve substantial growth in 2024, reaching US$630.9 billion, an increase of about 18.5%.

“According to SEMI’s forecast, the global semiconductor output value will exceed US$1 trillion in 2030. As for whether it can exceed this value, I personally feel unstoppable.” Based on this, he further said that the current industry development is showing three major trends. First, although the semiconductor industry is in a down cycle, long-term growth will continue. Second, the influence of international geopolitics has caused the restructuring of the supply chain and has far-reaching effects. Third, global semiconductor production capacity will continue to increase in the future, but the pattern will change.

“Under the current global semiconductor development situation, it is particularly meaningful for us to hold SEMICON China/FPD China 2023.” Ju Long said, “Our development philosophy is globalization, specialization and localization. Layout in several countries and regions, including the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, and Southeast Asia. Among them, SEMICON China focuses on the Chinese market and serves the coordinated development of China and the global industrial chain.”

According to reports, the SEMICON China semiconductor industry chain platform includes global member supply chain platforms, exhibitions, seminars, international industry standards, sustainable development of energy conservation and carbon reduction, market analysis data, information platforms, industrial innovation investment platforms, China Talents Program, Professional committees such as equipment, materials, packaging and testing, power and compound semiconductor committees, Micro-LED expert committees, intelligent manufacturing committees, and China International Semiconductor Technology Conference.

Ju Long further stated that, as the world’s largest and most influential semiconductor professional exhibition, SEMICON China2023 will cover the entire industry chain of chip design, manufacturing, packaging and testing, equipment, materials, photovoltaics, and display, with 10 exhibition halls covering an area of With an area of 90,000 square meters, more than 1,100 exhibitors set up more than 4,200 booths, and more than 20 conferences and events were held at the same time. This is not just an exhibition, but also an important communication platform for the entire industry chain.

Multiple highlights set the tone for the world’s largest semiconductor professional exhibition

“In the field of equipment, many equipment and material manufacturers will have almost all their staff in SEMICON China 2023. From the perspective of the industry’s bottleneck, this is an area that is currently worthy of attention.” Ju Long said that the semiconductor equipment market has been in the past few years. The growth of the industry is amazing, but industrial development has its cyclical nature. At the same time, export control, geopolitics and weakening demand are superimposed. It is normal that this year will decline. “However, we expect that the semiconductor equipment market will resume growth in 2024, and it is expected to return to more than US$100 billion at a growth rate of 15%.”

According to the SEMI report, global shipments of semiconductor manufacturing equipment in 2022 will increase by 5% compared to 2021’s 102.6 billion US dollars, hitting a record high of 107.6 billion US dollars. Mainland China has become the world’s largest semiconductor equipment market for the third consecutive year. Despite the macroeconomic downturn and challenging industrial environment, global semiconductor equipment shipments will remain strong in the first quarter of 2023, with shipments reaching US$26.8 billion, an increase of 9% over the same period last year, but growth will gradually slow down in subsequent quarters .

Ju Long added, “Even in the face of various pressures, the sales of China’s integrated circuit equipment market in 2022 will increase by 36.1% year-on-year to 52.4 billion yuan. We expect this year will continue to grow. And a feature of SEMICON China2023 is that the new Most of the exhibitors are domestic companies, and many new domestic equipment and material manufacturers have joined them.”

It is reported that in addition to covering the entire industry chain, SEMICON China 2023 will also create many highlights. First, the attendance and speakers are of the highest standard. The lineup of opening keynote speakers gathered global industry leaders, especially the three top domestic players in the field of Foundry, storage and design. This is a rare opportunity for Chinese people to understand the global industrial structure, cutting-edge technology and market trends under the new business environment, share the wisdom and vision of global industry leaders, and communicate with them face to face.

Second, many wonderful technical forums, focusing on market hotspots. The theme forums held at the conference, such as “SIIP China: SEMI Industry Innovation Investment”, “Automotive Chips”, “Smart Manufacturing”, “Advanced Packaging”, “Power and Compounds”, and “Silicon-based Display”, covered the semiconductor industry chain, smart manufacturing, Automotive semiconductors, power and compound semiconductors, innovation investment and other fields. Among them, China International Semiconductor Technology Conference (CSTIC) will be jointly held with the most influential international microelectronics technology forum combining domestic industry, education and research. In addition, the conference will hold the “SCC Carbon Neutrality and Sustainable Development Summit Forum” for the first time this year.

Third, a series of themed exhibition areas to grasp the pulse of the pan-semiconductor industry. Combining the characteristics of China’s semiconductor industry and the development trend of the global semiconductor industry, SEMICON China 2023 has set up five major themed exhibition areas: IC manufacturing area, compound semiconductor area, chip car conference area, Micro-LED area and SEMI China Talents Program area. Among them, the core car conference area set up for the first time at the conference attracted the participation of a complete automotive semiconductor supply ecosystem, including automotive semiconductor equipment and material companies, Foundry and OSAT, MEMS sensor and chip design companies, and OEMs.

In terms of development vision, since starting business in China in 1988, SEMI has regularly held the industry’s highest specification SEMICON China and FPD China joint exhibitions in China every year, as well as the industry’s academic authority summit forum China International Semiconductor Technology Conference (CSTIC) and China Display Conference (CDC), etc., are committed to promoting the development of China’s semiconductor, flat panel display, solar photovoltaic, compound semiconductor, intelligent transportation, intelligent manufacturing and other industries, promoting exchanges and cooperation between the global industry and the domestic industry, and strengthening the development of enterprises and government agencies. Industrial coordination calls for the cultivation of industrial talents, the promotion of R&D and innovation, and the promotion of sustainable industrial development.

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