stainless steel ball valve of degreasing steps and inspection requirements

The stainless steel ball valve shall be completed in strict accordance with the required steps before and after assembly. The parts and components of the stainless steel ball valve shall be processed before assembly. The details are as follows:

1. According to the processing requirements, some parts and components need to be polished, and the surface must not have machining burrs;

2. All parts shall be degreased;

3. The stainless steel ball valve shall be pickled and passivated after degreasing (the cleaning agent does not contain phosphorus);

4. After pickling and passivation, rinse it with purified water, and there shall be no reagent residue (this step is omitted for carbon steel parts);

5. Wipe the parts one by one with non-woven cloth, and do not leave the surface of the parts with wire wool, or blow dry with clean nitrogen;

6. Wipe the parts one by one with non-woven cloth or precision filter paper dipped with analytical pure alcohol until there is no dirty color.

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