What is the reason why the oil-free screw vacuum pump cannot be started?

In the industrialized society, for any enterprise, in the process of production, it must be inseparable from a variety of mechanical equipment, and its price is not cheap. It is also common for tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of millions. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, there will inevitably be large or small faults, which will have a great impact on the production and operation of enterprises. So in the process of using oil-free screw vacuum pump, what is the reason why it can not be started?

What is the reason why the oil-free screw vacuum pump cannot be started?

It should be noted that the primary reason why the motor cannot be started is that the motor is burnt out, which is because the stator coil of the motor is burnt out, resulting in its failure to operate normally. The reason is that the current expands rapidly in an instant, or the motor bearing is not replaced after long-term use, which causes the temperature to rise when the motor power increases, and then burns the motor.

Another possibility is that the surface friction resistance between the rotary disc clamping group and the pump cavity is too large. During the operation of the equipment, after the spring in the rotor is opened, it can not be reset quickly in a short time, resulting in excessive self separation force, which will lead to expression and the problem that the vacuum pump cannot be started.

In addition, another phenomenon is that it cannot be started again after stopping during normal use, because the condensed material in the extracted gas is retained in its body. Thus, the connection between the two rotors and the pump body cannot be started normally, or the rotor cannot rotate normally because there are a lot of impurities in the extracted gas.

Generally speaking, in the process of using oil-free screw vacuum pump, there are many reasons why it cannot be started. However, the main solution is to do the corresponding maintenance work at ordinary times

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