How to start the screw vacuum pump can be regarded as standard use

In the process of using oil-free screw vacuum pump, many people often encounter the situation that the equipment cannot be started normally, resulting in the subsequent failure to use normally. It should be noted that if the vacuum pump is used incorrectly, it is easy for the equipment to fail to enter the working state normally. Therefore, it is important to learn how to use and operate the vacuum pump before applying it.

How to start the screw vacuum pump can be regarded as standard use

The correct application of oil-free screw vacuum pump is as follows:

1. When the screw pump is started without liquid in the pump chamber, the equipment will run idle, resulting in abnormal friction damage to the screw pump stator. Before starting the equipment, be sure to inject enough liquid into the pump before starting it.

2. Before starting the vacuum pump, first determine whether the rotation direction of the pump body belongs to forward rotation, and remember that the pump body cannot be in reverse state,

3. For the newly installed oil-free screw vacuum pump that has not been started for a long time, it is necessary to inject an appropriate amount of lubricant and delivery liquid first, and then turn the screw pump with the help of pipe wrench for several weeks before starting.

4. After transporting high viscosity and corrosive liquid with the help of the pump body, fully clean it with the help of corresponding solvent or clean water to prevent the pump body from blocking or affecting the normal start of the next equipment.

5. When the vacuum pump is used in winter, its temperature should not be lower than the pump volume liquid, so as to avoid the situation of pump body frost crack and ice in the pump, which is very easy to bury hidden dangers for the next start.

When starting the vacuum pump is abnormal, be sure to check the causes that may induce abnormal starting, clarify the specific fault location, and then repair it in time to prevent secondary damage to the equipment caused by restart. For users who don’t know the inside of the vacuum pump, it’s best to find a professional maintenance master for maintenance, so as to better find out the fault and deal with it correctly.

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