What are the advantages of vacuum units in pet applications?

What are the vacuum units used in the pet industry? The common is roots water ring vacuum unit. The upper eccentric water ring pump is designed to save water resources. The water ring roots vacuum pump has good sealing performance, stable vacuum degree and improve sheet quality

What are the advantages of vacuum units in pet applications?

What are the advantages of vacuum unit in pet industry?

1. it is easy to install and can be used only by connecting water, electricity, gas and other interfaces.

2. low noise design (less than 70 dB), placed in the workshop, free dialogue and communication can be conducted next to the unit.

3. the high vacuum degree is stable, and the production efficiency is increased by more than 10%.

4. there is no need to add toughening agent after use, which greatly reduces the production cost.

5. it is easy to clean. Only hot water is required, and alcohol is not required.

6. anti jam setting, no need to worry about burning the motor after a long holiday.

7. stable operation, greatly improving the quality of PET sheet.

8. three leaf roots are used for efficient sealing, which can prevent volatile gas from entering the oil tank and causing oil emulsification.

9. high temperature protection, water inflow protection and misoperation protection.

10. the service life is up to 30 years. Except for mechanical seal and exhaust valve plate, there are no vulnerable and consumable parts.

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