Teach you how to solve the burning of screw vacuum pump

After the screw vacuum pump has been used for a long time, the parts in the pump will inevitably generate heat due to friction. The bearing is one of them. If the heat of the equipment exceeds the normal range, it should be handled in time, otherwise the normal use of the equipment will be affected.

Teach you how to solve the burning of screw vacuum pump

1、 The screw is designed and installed through the coupling between the vacuum pump and the motor without clearance: recalibrate the clearance between the two coupling machines within the range of 2-5mm, with the small value for the small pump and the large value for the large pump.

2、 Bearing oil or grease, oil deterioration or grease dry solid, excessive oil or grease:

1. Add engine oil to the oil level;
2. Replace oil or grease;
3. Open the bearing gland to take out a part and grease, so that there is 1/2 to 2/3 grease in the bearing system.

3、 The bearing is rusty or has iron dust and dirt: 1. Clean the bearing; 2. Replace the bearing with a new one.

4、 Low hardness of bearing roller or outer ring of roller inner ring or outer ring of outer ring: replace the bearing.

5、 Low bearing accuracy, unqualified: replace with a new bearing

6、 Bearing clearance is too small or too large: adjust the axial clearance of the bearing to be qualified.

7、 Pump motor coupling misalignment: adjust alignment.

8、 The belt is too tight: adjust the adjusting bolt on the guide rail of the screw vacuum pump motor, loosen the belt, and then press the belt down to 10-12mm with your thumb.

There are many cases that lead to bearing heating of screw vacuum pump. It is necessary to find out the specific causes and then deal with them accordingly. If the bearing is damaged, remember to replace it in time.

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