Vacuum pump oil characteristics

What is vacuum pump oil and what are its characteristics?

Vacuum pump is a mechanical, physical, chemical or physical chemical method, to be pumped to the vessel to obtain vacuum equipment.

Vacuum pump oil is a special lubricating oil for vacuum acquisition equipment. This oil is one of the important materials for vacuum pump. Vacuum pump oil mainly has two categories: mineral and con-forming. It is based on refined mineral oil and mixed with a variety of selected additives. It is suitable for sealing and lubricating all kinds of mechanical vacuum pumps. The product is divided into grades 46, 68, 100 and so on according to the motion viscosity at 40℃.

Vacuum pump oil characteristics

Vacuum pump oil of performance characteristics

Oxidation stability: long-term 2113 is not easy to deteriorate when directly connected with air, tree 5261 grease and chemical raw materials under high temperature conditions. It reduces the shape of harmful paint film and oil scale into 1653, providing a longer oil change cycle.

Anti-rust anti-corrosion: can form a very effective anti-corrosion film on the surface of the metal, so as to comprehensively prevent the system corrosion caused by the inhalation of corrosive gas and water.

It can quickly separate the moisture in the oil to achieve the required vacuum degree.

Lower steam pressure to prevent oil from the pump chamber to the vacuum system reflux diffusion resulting in oil return. So you have enough limiting vacuum.

Vacuum pump oil of main performance requirements

Low vapor pressure suitable viscosity and good viscosity-temperature properties good thermal oxidation stability, high corrosion resistance and demulsification flash point and low limit pressure good tightness and lubricity.

Vacuum pump oil of application scope

It is recommended to use vacuum pump in the fields of crafts, ceramics, chemistry, etc.

Reasonable selection of vacuum pump oil will have a good impact on the ultimate partial pressure, ultimate full pressure, starting, power consumption, pump temperature, stability of pump performance, anti-emulsification performance and reliable performance. The choice and use of vacuum pump oil is directly related to the service life of vacuum pump. In order to ensure the normal operation of vacuum acquisition equipment, the correct selection of lubricating oil is required.

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