Vacuum pump used in pulse vacuum sterilizer

Pulsating vacuum sterilizers are mainly used for steam sterilization of cavity objects and appliances. In the pharmaceutical industry, it can sterilize bottle stoppers, operating tools, a large number of work clothes and other cloth items or drugs that do not need to be cooled and explosion-proof, and can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry to sterilize units that produce sanitary materials, dressings, instruments and other products The equipment can be used for the sterilization, fumigation and drying of medicinal materials. It can also be used for food sterilization.

Structure of pulsating vacuum sterilizer

Structure of pulsating vacuum sterilizer:

The pulsation vacuum sterilizer is mainly composed of the sterilizer body, sealed door, disinfection vehicle, transport vehicle, pipeline system and control system.

The pulsation vacuum sterilizer uses saturated water vapor as the sterilization medium, and adopts the air removal method of mechanical forced pulsation vacuum. After multiple vacuuming and multiple injections of steam, the sterilization chamber reaches a certain degree of vacuum and then refills. Enter saturated steam, reach the set pressure and temperature, and after a certain duration, achieve the purpose of sterilizing the sterilized material.

High-pressure steam is still the most efficient sterilization method at present, and vacuum can help steam better penetrate the objects to be sterilized, greatly improving the effect and speed of sterilization!

Modern disinfection and sterilization equipment is diverse, from kitchen disinfection cabinets for ordinary people to specialized sterilization and disinfection equipment for professional research institutes. A variety of sterilization equipment uses a variety of sterilization methods and principles to meet the requirements of different occasions and requirements for sterilization.

Among all kinds of sterilization equipment, the common ones that use vacuum application to help sterilize sterilization equipment, such as “pulsation vacuum sterilization cabinet” and “plasma sterilizer”. These two kinds of sterilization equipment have their own characteristics and their limitations. Pulsating vacuum sterilization uses high-pressure steam and vacuum to effectively kill bacteria and microorganisms. However, some heat-sensitive equipment that is not resistant to humidity and high temperature is often used. Will adopt hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization method, so which vacuum pump should be used for vacuum sterilization cabinet?

The vacuum application of the entire pulsating sterilizer during operation is mainly divided into two parts:

The first part is the pulsating pre-vacuum process. The vacuum pump will extract the air in the sterilization chamber several times before filling it with steam and then evacuating to repeat the process several times. Generally, it is necessary to pump air 3-6 times before sterilization to make the cavity The vacuum degree reaches -0.08~-0.09Mpa

The second part is the vacuum dehumidification and drying process, which is to remove the high temperature steam in the sterilization chamber after the high-pressure steam sterilization is completed to ensure that the sterilized items are dry and clean.

According to the actual cavity size of various pulsating vacuum sterilization cabinets, the two-stage oil-lubricated rotary vane pump 2XZ series can be used. Because the cavity is filled with a large amount of high-pressure water vapor during the entire sterilization process, it is in the sterilization cavity Before the gas is pumped out to reach the vacuum pump, a set of cold and heat separation device is required to separate water vapor, and the separated water can be returned to the steam generator.

two-stage oil-lubricated rotary vane pump 2XZ series

The vacuum application of the hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizer is mainly used for the pre-vacuum stage before sterilization and the repeated evacuation application to help the hydrogen peroxide vacuum sublimation during the sterilization process. The required ultimate vacuum is generally 0.5mbar. It can be matched with EVP’s 2XZ series two-stage oil-lubricated rotary vane pump.

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