Vacuum Pumps in Vacuum Conveying

Vacuum pump is applied to the vacuum conveying technology to achieve the purpose of powder conveying through vacuum suction, and it is a system integrated with comprehensive factors such as filtering, back blowing, discharging, valve body control, etc. It is mainly used in the transportation of powdery materials, granular materials, powder and granular materials and other materials. It is quite popular in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing, additive manufacturing and aerospace industries.

Compared with ordinary conveying methods such as positive pressure conveying, barrel lifting, and conveyor belts, vacuum conveying can solve many hidden safety problems in production through customized and ready-made engineering systems, improve work efficiency, and effectively reduce material loss. The key point is that it can also be used in conjunction with major process equipment such as mixers, granulators, tablet presses, coating machines, capsule filling machines, packaging machines, etc. These are unmatched by other powder delivery technologies.


Vacuum conveying has the following advantages:

1. The air source equipment is at the end of the system. Lubricant and moisture will not pollute the material, which solves the problem of dust pollution in production from the source.

2. Eliminate static electricity completely;

3.Automatic operation, saving labor;

4. Compact structure, modular design, easy installation;

5. The pressure of the conveying pipe system is lower than the atmospheric pressure, and the materials with large water content are easier to convey than the pressure conveying type, and the conveying efficiency is high.

6. Easy to take materials, suitable for occasions that require taking materials without dust;

7. It is suitable for occasions where the material is taken from low, deep or narrow places, and from one place to one place;

8. The pressure of the conveying pipe system is lower than the atmospheric pressure. Even if the pipeline is worn or there is a gap, the material will not leak out. Therefore, vacuum conveying itself can already meet many of the production requirements mentioned above.

For different industries with large product differences, vacuum conveyor equipment can also be tailored to suit different industries. For example, the vacuum sources corresponding to different materials and conveying processes are different. For lighter products such as plastic particles, a turbo fan can be used for the vacuum pump; for heavier powders, a vacuum generator and a roots vacuum pump are required , Water circulation vacuum pump and other equipment with high altitude and high air volume to complete the transmission. For specific requirements and selection recommendations, please contact our sales staff directly.

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Editor: Emily Fu / Shanghai EVP Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.

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