What are the precautions and features of medical vacuum unit selection?

Nowadays, great changes have taken place in our times, with the continuous improvement of medical level and equipment, which is very helpful to medical development. Therefore, the medical vacuum unit has developed well in the market and can bring many conveniences to the medical industry.

Next, EVP Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. will introduce the medical vacuum unit.

What are the precautions and features in the selection of medical vacuum units?

The medical vacuum unit is composed of vacuum tank, negative pressure automatic control cabinet, alarm, sewage collection tank, bacterial filter, sub cylinder, negative pressure pipe and terminal. The vacuum pump is generally equipped with 2 or more pump combinations, which are used in turn to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Medical use vacuum unit of characteristics:

1. compact design structure with small floor space;

2. meet the requirements of medical design standards;

3. the host configuration is efficient, and the equipment operation efficiency is greatly improved;

4. there are many configuration models to choose from, depending on the number of operating rooms and ICUs in the hospital;

Precautions for purchasing medical vacuum unit: the medical vacuum unit makes the suction system pipe reach the required negative pressure value at the terminals of operating room, emergency room and each ward through the suction of vacuum pump unit for medical use.

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