World Toilet Paper Fair, Milan, Italy, 2019

Exhibition Time: 25-27 March 2019
Venue: Milan, Italy
Organizing cycle: 2 years
China Exhibition Organizer: Beijing Zhongzhan Huateng International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Introduction to the exhibition:
The first World Toilet Paper Exhibition was launched in Nice, France, in 1993. It has been extended to Istanbul, Milan, Bangkok, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and so on. The world’s largest toilet paper exhibition, as its name implies, focuses on the trade in toilet paper. The purpose of the exhibition is to set up an exclusive platform for toilet paper manufacturers, processors and suppliers, providing them with a good opportunity to talk, expand their business and exchange.
This international exhibition will be held for the second time in Milan, Italy, in 2019. Toilet paper professionals from all over the world will gather in Italy to keep abreast of the latest market information and the technological development of the industry.
During the exhibition, there will be a number of activities, including sustainable development initiative activities, exchange dinner and so on, so that operators can further communicate with each other and expand their business network.

Scope of exhibition:
Raw materials: pulp and paper making, toilet paper raw materials, fibers and related chemicals, etc.
Finished products: napkins, tray cut paper, box towels, small paper towels, rolled paper, toilet paper, face towels, kitchen paper, tray paper and other living paper; wet paper towels, diapers, sanitary napkins and other sanitary products;
Machinery and equipment categories: toilet paper machine, toilet paper processing equipment and related equipment accessories, paper diapers, sanitary napkins, wet towels and other sanitary equipment and related accessories; second-hand appliances, (pulping, pulping and fiber processing), (rolls, knives, blades) (large rolls and glossy products); automation and software control, pulping; paper cylinder, drying, dust regulation and air flow system;
Others: transportation and warehousing logistics solutions, environmental protection, water treatment and emission control systems, fire prevention and safety, chemicals and information services, etc.

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