Exhibition Name: PackEx Toronto

Cycle: every two years

Exhibition scale: more than 100000

First held: 1951 year

Venue: Toronto Congress Centre

The opening time: From 9th, Nov, 2021 to 11th, Nov, 2021


Exhibition introduction:

Canada’s largest and only international packaging and technology exhibition supported by the Canadian Packaging Association

PackEx Toronto is organized by UBM Group, and will be held at the same time, Canada Design and Manufacturing Automation Technology Exhibition, packaging exhibition, electronics exhibition, plastic, mold industry exhibition, as well as western Green Manufacturing Exhibition, aviation security exhibition and other exhibitions.

PACKEX TORONTO is the largest packaging exhibition in Canada and is supported by the Canadian Packaging Association every two years. Since its inception in 1951, PACKEX TORONTO has been recognized by manufacturers around the world as a good opportunity to enter the Canadian market.

Host Advantage: Host UMB (Canon Communications LLC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Apprise Media LLC, is an excellent trade show host. Every year, the exhibition brings together outstanding enterprises of packaging machinery, packaging materials, related accessories and logistics from America and the world to attend the exhibition.

Strong professionalism: every year, the exhibition attracts buyers from Canada, North America, Europe and Asia, and the on-site transactions are active. The exhibition has developed into a large-scale, international, representative packaging professional exhibition. The highly professional packaging industry and commerce exhibition gives you direct access to the most senior decision makers in the enterprise.   Participation in this exhibition can more directly understand the development of products in Canada and even the world and the specific needs of the market, which is conducive to improving the technical content of products, adjusting and improving the structure of products, laying a foundation for the production of high-quality products, but also for the improvement of export, ensure the normal export direction.

Exhibition Scope:

1.Food packaging and auxiliary machinery, containers and parts, packaging materials, material processing equipment, etc.

2.Food and beverage processing equipment, mixing and mixing machinery, filtration equipment, laboratory equipment, etc.

3.Packaging raw materials (paper, plastic particles, metal, etc.

4.Non-printing film, plastic sheet; Glue, ink, varnish, pigment; Paper and board;  Plastic, mold, printing film; Metal; Glass; Other packaging; Packaging parts and accessories; Packaging processing machinery; Packaging manufacturing machinery, etc.

5.Printing machinery; Machinery for making labels, marking, coding and identification; Primary packaging machinery; Fluid handling equipment and solutions;  Packaging assembly line and integration system; Protection, transmission and storage machinery.

6.Industrial packaging; Storage and handling equipment; Waste disposal equipment;  Testing and testing equipment; Mechanical parts, etc.

7.PLV, packaging innovation; According to the order packaging processing, cooperative packaging, service suppliers; Engineering, consulting and services;  Related media, etc.

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