2BV5-121 liquid ring vacuum pump

2BV5-121 liquid ring vacuum pump is a compact vacuum pump, which can achieve a vacuum of up to 33 mbar. The wheels of the compact vacuum pump are connected directly to the motor shaft. The vacuum pump is cooled by flowing water, which can be recycled in whole or in part.

2BV5-121 liquid ring vacuum pump is characterized by a suction capacity of up to 600 m 3 / h and a suction pressure of up to 33 mbar ABS. It is mainly used in the application of large amount of liquid. 2BV5-121 liquid ring vacuum pump is also used as condenser when it inhales condensable steam. This doubles the amount of inhalation. The sound pressure level is kept below 73 dB (a), thus meeting the most stringent noise requirements.

The compact structure of 2BV5-121 liquid ring vacuum pump reduces the space required for pump installation to about half of the space required for traditional modular machines. The pump can be easily installed in extruders and chemical systems, even under the table. In the development of these liquid ring pumps, the emphasis is placed on the robustness and reliability. Even in the worst conditions, 2bv5 121 liquid ring vacuum pump can provide up to 20000 hours of continuous operation without interruption of maintenance. Reinforced stainless steel shafts, continuously lubricated bearings and coated pump casings can prevent solid material from wearing out and ensure stable performance even after years of use.


2BV5-121 liquid ring vacuum pump main features:

1. Direct coupling design, easy installation and space saving

2. All bearings are NSK Bearings of Japan.

3. Standard configuration adopts John Crane mechanical seal, which can eliminate leakage and is easy to maintain.

4. The pump has an anti cavitation protection port, which is opened (or connected with the separator) to eliminate the cavitation noise and protect the pump under the maximum suction when working under the limit pressure

5. The whole series of 2BV adopts high-strength aluminum bronze impeller, which improves its corrosion resistance and durability. If the flow parts are made of stainless steel, the pump can work in harder conditions.

6. Special and flexible exhaust port can avoid overpressure and ensure the best efficiency within its performance range.

7. All motors are Y2 series products. The protection class is IP54 or IP55 (usually IP44), and the insulation class is f (usually b).

8.2 bv series liquid ring vacuum pump can bring soft sealing parts, all of which are PTFE, which can maintain its service life in worse environment.

9. Stable operation with noise as low as 62 dB.

2BV5-121 liquid ring vacuum pump can be designed with cast iron or stainless steel. Vacuum pumps are used to pump gases with a large number of impurities, moisture, aggressive or condensing substances.

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