Roots vacuum unit for installation and commissioning of precautions

In order to avoid accidents during the commissioning of Roots vacuum unit, we need to pay attention to many related operating matters. Therefore, in order to ensure that more users understand and use it, we will introduce it in detail next.

Roots vacuum unit for installation and commissioning of precautions

1. Correctly use the vacuum pump unit and master the operating procedures of the vacuum unit;

2. Correctly use the vacuum gauge and master its operating procedures. If a thermocouple vacuum gauge is used, pay attention not to burn out the thermocouple; If a Michaelis vacuum gauge is used, note that the mercury level rises slowly;

3. During operation, it is forbidden to repair, clean the vacuum unit and screw the moving parts;

4. Before starting the vacuum pump unit, check whether the water supply, oil supply and lubrication are normal;

5. Protective measures shall be taken for moving parts to prevent them from flying out;

6. The workshop shall be equipped with fire extinguishers, sand boxes and other fire extinguishers.

The above is the introduction to the installation and commissioning of Roots vacuum unit. According to the introduction, the use of the equipment can be more clear, so as to reduce the occurrence of operating errors, so as to ensure the use efficiency of the equipment.

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