Dry Screw Vacuum Pump in Chemical Liquid Transport of Application

Many users understand that dry screw vacuum pumps are special equipment for pumping air to obtain vacuum. In some chemical industries, some chemical fluids are usually transported. However, few users think that it can also be used for the transportation of chemical liquids. What specific applications does it have in this regard?

Dry screw vacuum pumps are widely used in enterprise fields with high requirement for clean vacuum. The equipment plays a variety of roles in the transportation of chemical fluids, such as sealing, recycling, removing foreign objects and maintaining.

Dry screw vacuum pump of features:
1. Capable of handling various flow rates, pressures, liquid types and viscosity;
2. Even if there are different back pressures due to viscosity changes, stable flow rate;
3. High-volume and overall operating efficiency, reducing operating costs;
4. The production or capacity can be controlled through a higher pump speed ratio;
5. Low internal speed;
6. Self-priming operation and good suction characteristics;
7. Small mechanical vibration and long service life;
8. Inherent smooth and quiet running characteristics;
9. Very low pulsation, reducing stress and prolonging the service life of related fluid transport components (pipes, hoses, seals, bearings, etc.);

Dry screw vacuum pump chemical liquid transportation of advantages:

1. The dry screw vacuum pump has strong anti-corrosion properties and is suitable for various harsh working conditions to extract condensable gas and flammable and explosive gas.

2.The unique oil retaining design of the seal ensures that the pumped medium does not contact the lubricating oil and the safety of the vacuum oil and the medium in the vacuum chamber.

3.Strong ability to discharge foreign matter: accurate linear design and gap control, dry screw vacuum pump can discharge liquid while working, even if there is a large amount of dust and viscous medium in the process, it can still be discharged smoothly.
4.The short exhaust path reduces the occurrence of screw jamming.

5.. The ultimate vacuum can reach below 1pa, which can provide faster pumping speed to improve product quality.
6. An automatic cleaning device can be installed to automatically clean the pump cavity before the dry screw vacuum pump shuts down to prevent the cold crystals of the pumped medium from remaining in the pump cavity after shutting down, causing difficulty in starting the next time.

7.Recycling a large number of solvents with low boiling point and recycling value without producing waste water and oil.

In the process of chemical fluid transportation, dry screw vacuum pumps play a good role. It can be seen that vacuum pumps are not only used in industries requiring vacuum, but also in other industries. Please pay attention to more maintenance during use, and maintain it carefully.

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