Dry vacuum pump solution for hemodialysis tubes of medical devices

Starting from the source, we assisted in the synthesis and production of materials to improve the qualification rate of public medical products. Taking the hemodialysis tube of medical devices as an example, according to the production process requirements and existing problems of dialysis tubes, we have provided them with a vacuum application scheme, using a complete set of solutions of dry vacuum pump + pretreatment.

Dry vacuum pump solution for hemodialysis tubes of medical devices

1、 Basis for issuing the complete dry vacuum pump system solution:
When the system is evacuated, XM ³ The reaction kettle is evacuated from atmospheric pressure to 200mbar, and this process needs to be completed within xmin. At the same time, the process will be heated, the suction temperature will reach 80 ℃, and the volatile gas and water vapor containing the process medium will be extracted; No oil is a hard requirement; These data are the basis of the whole solution. According to the data provided by customers, we need to do two parts: one is the selection of vacuum pump; The second is the treatment of suction temperature and components.

2、 Selection and supporting basis of dry vacuum pump:

1. According to the pumping speed calculation equation, it can be calculated that the required pumping speed is about 57.9m ³/ h. The vacuum degree is 200mbar and the pumping speed is 60m ³/ H, we select the dry vacuum pump with corresponding parameters.
2. The pumped high-temperature gas needs to be cooled. Considering the solvent steam in the process, if it directly enters the pump, it will cause the pump to be stuck. In order to avoid these problems, we have equipped pretreatment, which not only plays a role in cooling, washing and filtering, and protecting the long-term operation of the vacuum pump, but also reduces the operating load of the pump while condensing. The dry vacuum pump has the advantage of energy saving.

3、 Characteristics of dry vacuum pump:
• oil free certification of claw type dry vacuum pump
• simple and quick opening of pump chamber
• removable jaws -100% cleanable
• no complex gear resynchronization required
• 20000 hours oil change interval for minor maintenance
• major repair interval 48000 hours
• modular design for easy maintenance
• designed for full life

The application of the whole set of solutions improves the traditional vacuum process of medical devices, which is environmentally friendly, energy-saving and easy to maintain. The claw type dry vacuum pump solution for hemodialysis tubes of medical devices has been recognized and praised by customers.
For more industrial vacuum application cases and vacuum supporting system solutions, you are welcome to consult EVP vacuum Co., Ltd.

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