EVP launch – hospital center negative pressure suction system

EVP launch – Integrated service of design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of vacuum equipment for hospital negative pressure system

Hospital central negative pressure suction system is an essential special equipment for operating room, monitoring room, rescue room, ICU, dental and infectious ward. At present, more than 70% of the negative pressure system in the hospital uses liquid ring vacuum pump. As the working medium of the liquid ring vacuum pump, it is not only expensive to maintain and use, but also in the process of work, a large number of medical pollutants, bacteria and viruses are mixed into the water. Inevitably, a large number of bacteria will be mixed in the gas discharged from the liquid ring vacuum pump. This time, the hospital treating new coronavirus in Wuhan This problem has been highlighted. Therefore, it is urgent to develop a special claw vacuum pump instead of liquid ring pump to ensure the non-toxic discharge of negative pressure system in hospital.

In view of the above hospital negative pressure system working condition requirements, our company has successfully developed a special claw type vacuum pump instead of liquid ring vacuum pump. On the basis of meeting the vacuum pressure of negative pressure system – 0.087mpa ~ – 0.04 MPa, claw type air cooling structure is adopted, which does not need water as its working fluid and cooling water to cool the pump cavity, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of vacuum pump and avoids the secondary bacterial pollution of water. The unique pump body and flow channel structure can keep the internal temperature of the pump chamber at 150 ℃ for a long time, so that a large part of bacteria in the gas can be effectively killed in the pump cavity.

In addition, the bacteria and virus inactivation device is added on the exhaust pipe after the pump, so that the negative pressure system of the hospital can completely realize the non-toxic and harmless discharge. At the same pumping speed, the operation and maintenance cost is reduced by 90%.

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