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Description: The design concept of EVP Rotary Screw vacuum pump allows customers to operate the design principle with one button.
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The design concept of EVP Rotary Screw vacuum pump allows customers to operate the design principle with one button. EVP vacuum pumps are not only sturdy and durable, but also can easily achieve the best performance in the working pressure section required by the customer. It is suitable for plastic, glass, bottle making, can making, wood, and packaging. , Printing, paper making, meat packaging, central vacuum system, factory central vacuum system and other applications.

The integrated design installs all components in a housing while making maintenance easier.Using the latest product screw introduction technology, permanent magnet variable frequency drive technology and integrated integrated design motor, EVP+ permanent magnet.

Rotary Screw Vacuum Pump advantages:
1, low bearing load, pump life is very long, low bearing load, pump life is very long
2. High efficiency, high reliability, high efficiency and high reliability
3. No vibration, low maintenance cost
4. No need for frequent oil changes
5. Low exhaust oil content
6, set high temperature jump protection, set high temperature jump protection
7. Capacity regulating inlet valve, capacity regulating inlet valve
8, air cooling, water cooling optional, air cooling, water cooling optional
9. Complete system including control system

Rotary Screw Vacuum Pump application
Electronic electrical
Semiconductor manufacturing
Printing (coinage)
Medicine and food
Aviation synthetic material manufacturing

Model Power kW Suction Capacity  

Ultimate vacuum (abs.)



m3/min m3/h
OSV500 5.5 7.8 468 50-80Pa DN80
OSV600 7.5 9.8 588 50-80Pa DN80
OSV800 11 13 780 50-80Pa DN80
OSV900 15 14.6 876 50-80Pa DN125
OSV1300 22 22 1320 50-80Pa DN125
OSV1600 30 27 1620 50-80Pa DN125
OSV1800 37 30.2 1812 50-80Pa DN150
OSV2600 45 44 2640 50-80Pa DN150
OSV 3200 55 53 3180 50-80Pa DN200
OSV4500 75 75 4500 50-80Pa DN200
OSV 5400 90 90 5400 50-80Pa DN200

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