Feature of resistance vacuum gauge

Pirani vacuum gauge:

The resistance vacuum gauge, also known as the Pirani gauge, responds to changes in pressure due to changes in the resistance of the filament. It is mainly composed of two parts: regulatory and measurement lines. Its measurement range is 104 to 10-1 Pa.

The structure of the resistance regulator is shown in picture1. A cylindrical spiral hot wire wound with a resistance wire with a high temperature coefficient of resistance is encapsulated in a tube, and the two ends of the wire are leaded by a lead wire and connected to a measuring line. The regulatory shell can be made of metal or glass, and the advantage of metal shell is durability and convenience for disassembling the hot wire. The disadvantage is with poor sealing performance price is high; the advantage of glass shell is good sealing performanceand with low price. But it is easily damaged.


The resistance temperature coefficient and the resistivity of some of the resistance wire wound around the heating wire are usually three kinds of tungsten, platinum and nickel. In order to ensure the working stability of the hot wire, we need to clean the surface of the hot wire, or put a thin layer of glass, quartz or tantalum on the surface to prevent the hot wire from being oxidized or stained when used under high pressure. Shanghai EVP suppliers a large number of various vacuum gauges, and transmitters. Pls contact us if you have interest.

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